Professional summary

I am a growth and funding strategist who helps entrepreneurs to secure the funds they need to grow and prosper. Using my proprietary methodology, I work with clients to develop a step-by-step growth and funding action plan that builds a bridge between vision and financial goals. Using this model, I have obtained more than $160 million for my clients. I am also a lifelong entrepreneur who knows first-hand that success is possible regardless of background or situation. I started my first business at 21, opening a chain of retail stores. Later, I started another company with the goal of selling our products in the mass market. Wal-Mart was our first customer. Since then I have advised entrepreneurs across the United States and around the globe.

Engagement overview

Clients typically engage me to position their organization or startup to secure funding. I ensure that the the critical elements funders want to see are in place. I also prepare, critique and edit funding proposals, pitches and pitch decks. Clients also engage me to identify new avenues for growth.