Professional summary

Sally is a certified executive coach, consultant and trusted advisor to organizations and individuals, with over three decades of experience in Executive Leadership, Culture and Change Management, as well as Talent Management Strategy.

She partners with business leaders to integrate organizational development, leadership and talent management processes with technology and culture/ change management support to achieve high performance cultures.

Her focus is on companies, teams and individuals undergoing significant change. She delivers high performance leadership development strategies, programs and processes to effectively meet, manage and sustain change:

High Performance Cultures/Organizations
Leadership/Management Development Programs
Executive Team Coachi

Engagement overview

Varies tremendously from a day to a week to ongoing. Please contact to discuss your particular needs and situation.

Looking forward to connecting with you!


A partial list of her clients include:

• FMC Technologies
• Sanofi/Genzyme
• Panasonic
• Merrill Lynch/Bank of America
• B

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Key clients

Good for you for exploring executive coaching! The willingness to consider even "going there wherever that might be" demonstrates a valuable self awareness and commitment to growth that will help you to cut through the fog and chaos of whatever your current context is and move beyond. A caveat of coaching is to help clients illuminate, gain clarity, focus and perspective to achieve that which is i... Read more


Few companies are devoting time and resources to how to develop their talent pipeline adequately and so it is good that you are asking this question. In my coaching and consulting practice I have seen a big shift firsthand. These days career paths "emerge" as much as they are formally structured. Things change so rapidly that often what used to work in the past is now obsolete within a short perio... Read more


Having done title pipeline management and executive search for many years, I can share with you that this intranet posting would most likely be very effective on two fronts:

First of all, creating a referral network from employees who already understand what the organizational culture is and what a "good fit" looks like

Second, and equally important, this would allow current staff to "see" whe... Read more

You do not mention if this person is also new to the organization (or just the management team) and that itself will bring another layer of complexity and perhaps dysfunction. It's imperative to address the situation immediately so as to curtail damage and reassure the existing team members.

I agree a coach could be useful to even provide some feedback (perhaps with a diagnostic tool such as 360 ... Read more

As we know,( and you have alluded to) authenticity is a hallmark to outstanding executive leadership. Integral to this is developing and fostering trust. Nonproductive behaviors such as rumors, distrust and employee disengagement or turnover begin when leadership is less than transparent. Your management and the organization may have avoided this if they had simply been direct and upfront about t... Read more

With companies increasingly "flatter" in their organization, (fewer middle levels on whole) titles have become increasingly less important over the past few decades as scope, scale other boundaries blur. What's important for you to consider is how you will be perceived both internally/externally (as you and Barry have indicated).You have already mentioned that you will gain increases in several o... Read more


All organizational culture starts at the top so it's imperative that the executive leadership team is not only explicit, but adamant about the impending shift that is required. They will not only develop this "new" strategy but must also "enroll" the entire organization with a healthy dose of passion, enthusiasm and business rationale for doing so. And, depending on how long the old culture has be... Read more

The early days with an organization are incredibly important. I take that you understand this from your question about let's just call it: "the first 90 days" or so. Many managers feel pressured to make an immediate impact and I agree that one can build momentum with a few quick wins. However, that may be easier said than done. Having worked with many leaders who have transitioned in ways that we... Read more

Conflict avoidance or aversion is surprisingly common even among senior leaders and apparently the case in your organization. Although challenging, this type of situation may require an even greater focus on leadership from you especially if it is lacking in your senior management. I agree that gossip can often be not only a big time waste, but also, potentially toxic for the organization if allow... Read more

Disappointing right? However, there's a way to move forward and that might entail simply accepting the situation as it is now; reflecting upon what role you might have played (even unconsciously) in this; and developing a strategy to get past it. From the tone of your note, it seems possible that you are still at least a bit resentful and this is certainly not the best or most productive position ... Read more


Sally is the epitome of an outstanding search and placement consultant. She is very knowledgeable, offers creative approaches and ideas, seeks to understand her clients desires then identifies the best available opportunity for her clients. Sally is well networked, very personable and is an excellent communicator.

Stuart Stone, Global Leader, Client Development Ernst & Young

Sally is a knowledgeable, reliable, professional recruiter who consistently achieves positive results. She proactively maintains ongoing contact with you on the status of the position you are seeking. You will enjoy working with her. I recommend her highly.

Richard Bourne, Vice President Regulatory Affairs Helsinn Therapeutics, Inc

Sally was able to surfact great candidates through non traditional methods at a very reasonable cost to the company. Our hire through Sally is still with us today and is a great contributor to the organization.

Kurt Schoenkopf, Founder/President Clear Switch

Sally is an excellent resource to use in the job-search process. Working with her I was able to gain focus to my search, develop effective strategies to maximize my potential in the job market, and expand my outreach efficiently. She certainly brings excellent experience as well as knowledge of new trends in the marketplace, and I would HIGHLY recommend her services to anyone looking to maximize their career objectives.

Andrew Svensk, Underwriter

Going it alone in a career transition is a significant challenge. Sally provides outstanding guidance and boundless optimism. I have worked with Sally and greatly appreciated her partnership and the balance she helped create. Highly recommended.

Mark Jones, Marketing and Business Development ELEVATE

Sally delivered a great one day out placement program. She is very knowledgeable, and knows her business very well. I have attended out placement programs before, and this far exceeded what I experienced in the past.

Douglas Morrison, RF Design Contractor Cobham Defense Electronic Systems

Sally is a valuable member of our coaching team and receives consistently high feedback from the MBA students. She is responsive and organized, able to accommodate last-minute appointment requests with ease. In addition, Sally is competent, reliable and personable, making her a pleasure to work with.

Beth Devine, Doctoral Student of Organizational Behavior INSEAD

As an Executive Coach, Sally offers tremendous insight, coaching support and guidance. Sally helped me evaluate and successfully navigate the rapidly shifting corporate landscape and an enormously challenging professional development initiative. She goes out of the way to make herself available, and is an enormously positive and supportive person. I am extremely grateful that I connected and worked with her and highly recommend Sally for your leadership coaching and management development needs.

Robert DuBois, Consultant: Delivery Manager United Health Group / MetLife / J&J - HCS (Health Care Systems)

Bandywine provided incredibly valuable assistance to me during a transition. Sally is well known for her skills in this area and I am very appreciative of her professional skills and her positive approach. Sally also brings considerable skills and experience in sales training, including basic sales foundation processes, sales techniques, operations, motivation, marketing communications and customer service. Her experience spans more than twenty years to her responsibilities providing training for a retail sales force at United Financial Services of Boston. I highly recommend Brandywine.

Curtis Mildner, President Market Decisions

Sally was a very helpful sounding board as I transitioned into a management role. She is easy-to-talk to and a good listener, but she also does a good job of speaking up and emphatically putting her foot down when there is an important coaching recommendation to deliver.

Jeff Grossmann, VP Engineering ATDynamics