Professional summary

A dynamic leader in business and healthcare, demonstrating the business acumen that has made an impression on organizational cash flow, revenue and new business growth. Renown for creating fresh, new solutions that deliver the results that increases utilization of a product or service and impact the bottom line fiscal performance.

As an expert in EMS who's dedicated to ethical business practices, Scot has the necessary legal experience to provide the results needed while keeping clients out of the "cross-hairs" of federal regulations. Scot opens new avenues and creates the kind of financial or productivity "turn-arounds" you want whether you're located in an emerging market, or a mature one, using a new business model that's opening doors all over the country.


Engagement overview

We come to you and assess your marketing program and processes, we in review your team to assess the culture with the company, assess your local market place and conduct a comparative analysis of your competition in the area with an SEO and Keyword analysis. You get to sit back, relax, and when we provide you our report, you may make an informed decision as to the best marketing approach.

Then we come to you and initiate the plan, training your staff as we go. We do this because we want your success to be long term and sustainable, but if you do need our help again, we're only a phone call away.

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