Steve Johnson

Steve Johnson

"The godfather of product management"

Areas of expertise

product definition, product strategy, agile product management

Professional summary

Actively seeking new clients who need help implementing world-class product management.

Since 1979, I have worked in computer hardware, software, and services. My focus is on implementing 'just a little' process and helping companies become more nimble. Let me show your team what 'just a little' process and just a few living documents can do!

In my various roles, I have been a developer, sales rep, sales engineer (what a critical yet often under-appreciated role!) and product manager. Over the years I moved up from product manager to CMO, and have worked with tens of thousands of product managers and product leaders at thousands of companies.

Nowadays, I am consulting with the goal of helping companies implement (or in many cases RE-implement) product management. Many product management teams have fallen into disrepair as a result of agile adoption and I'm helping get them back on the path.

Specialties: Steve Johnson is a recognized thought-leader on topics related to product management, marketing, and sales enablement.

Engagement overview

Training, assessment, mentoring on best practices in product management.