Professional summary

Actively seeking new clients who need help implementing world-class product management.

Since 1979, I have worked in computer hardware, software, and services. My focus is on implementing 'just a little' process and helping companies become more nimble. Let me show your team what 'just a little' process and just a few living documents can do!

In my various roles, I have been a developer, sales rep, sales engineer (what a critical yet often under-appreciated role!) and product manager. Over the years I moved up from product manager to CMO, and have worked with tens of thousands of product managers and product leaders at thousands of companies.

Nowadays, I am consulting with the goal of helping companies implement (or in many cases RE-implement)

Engagement overview

Training, assessment, mentoring on best practices in product management.


When competing with a better funded company, you need to focus on "not". What are you that they are not? They are B2C; you're B2B. They are cheap; you are premium. It's a classic case of positioning yourself - and "slightly better" or "a little different" isn't enough. Where are you 10 times better? 100 times better?

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"Failing fast" is not about failing but testing. The fundamental goal is to prove (or disprove) your product hypothesis quickly. Some interpret this as "ship shit fast" (aka "MVP") but instead it is about testing and refining or pivoting based on what you've learned.

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