Professional summary

Serving the client’s needs 1st. Over 13 years of success as a Professional Management Consultant. Thomas has led enterprise level strategic management and organizational change initiatives for over forty (42) small, mid-sized and Fortune 500 market leaders across the United States.

• Revenue Growth
• Operational Efficiency
• Human Capital Development

Typical Engagements: Typical Results / Impact Metrics:


Engagement overview

Every engagement is unique and requires an open mindset.  Listening and understanding client needs allow solutions to be delivered in a positive non-disruptive manner.  

STONE BP Engagement Process Model:  7 key disciplines
D1: Question, Survey, Assess Current State - Clarify Desired State with Senior Leadership

D2: Due Diligence [research, data mine, review analytics, benchmark]

D3: Diagnose Actual Challenges [ agreement & buy-in from all stakeholders ]

D4: Prescribe Solutions:  [ process, project, development, and/or learning programs(s) that provide highest ROI to directly remove challenges and measure impact ]

D5: Design Solutions:  [ consider costs $$, timing, impact, risk, ROI, success metrics ]

D6: Determine Appropriate Delivery Methods [ match content, platform to the audience ]  

D7: Implement with the client - Track Success - Measure Impact - Adjust as required


STONE BP has over forty two (+42) successful client engagements with small, mid sized, fortune 500 companies.

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  • 8AM - 6PM (ET). By appointment. No Fee for initial consultation.

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