Professional summary

Chris Bianco created Blue Panther Business Partners to assist business owners who need help realizing their dreams of achieving a successful business. Of course, each person’s definition of “success” differs from the next. Chris partners with business owners to define what “success” means to each individual owner. Together, the business owner and Chris plan a strategy to achieve that owner’s vision, provide hands-on help to implement the strategic plan, and measure their progress.

Chris has over 20 years of business experience in a multitude of businesses, industries, and environments. He imparts his experience to business owners so they can achieve success in their business and their life. For most business owners, their business

Engagement overview

Complimentary first meeting of up to 4 hours to discuss business environment, business needs, techniques and strategy to overcome obstacles and put business back on track to success.


All clients confidential


Many subtle clues are available during the interview with regard to a candidates work ethic. A hiring manager can learn plenty about an individual with some open ended questions.

First ask the candidate about how he/she prepared for the current interview. The steps they took to be at the interview. How he/she prepared for the commute? What did the candidate need to do to get the time for the inte... Read more

Within the project plan and process where is the bottleneck? Making that determination will decide what skills you require of an in house person or outsourcing to an organization. If the bottleneck is onboarding the projects then you need a skilled sales and/or project administrator. If the bottleneck is performing the detail work of the project, maybe some of the freelancers might want to become ... Read more