Professional summary

Alyssa helps professionals evolve into confident leaders and strong communicators.

Alyssa's unique process delivers rapid and sustainable confidence awareness and change. She combines powerful emotional training techniques used by top athletes, together with years of business consulting experience. Working together with expert life coaches, Alyssa developed Key Confidence Assessments (KCIs) that identify and address confidence gaps in individuals and overall businesses.

Alyssa has held senior marketing positions in start-ups and large corporations. She is the founder and CEO of Mint Green Marketing which works with companies and non-profit organizations of all sizes and types based all over the world. She leads the Mint Green team to

Engagement overview

Duration and cost of an engagement depends on the scope of work, identified during the initial consultation.


• IMEX America
• Institute for Entrepreneurial Excellence (IEE)
• The World Diversity Summit at the United Nations
• The Women’s Congress
• New England HR Association (NEHRA)
• Women in Technology International (WITI)
• US Small Business Administration (SBA) of MA


I think many business owners (large and small) are inundated with information telling them to be everywhere at all times online. When in fact the real answer where your prospects, clients and target audience are. Identifying which social media channels are effective begins with understanding who your target audience is.

For example, many B2B companies are on Linkedin connecting, shari... Read more


Alyssa was one of the few marketing executives who really "got it." It wasn't just about one avenue of marketing, but about the whole picture and how it affected sales/the company bottom line, investors and the corporate image.

Yin Chang, President Phoenix Marketing Communications, LLC

I was always impressed by Alyssa's complete understanding of Sedona's technology and marketing needs. She was a high energy, non-stop advocate for the company who continuously developed on-target holistic promotions and campaigns to build Sedona's thought leadership and sales. Her high standards set the bar high for PR and marketing support. No one on our team would consider not outperforming for Alyssa and the company.

Henry Feintuch, President Feintuch Communications

When EnerNOC was a younger company we were faced with challenges on how to best manage our business process through a CRM based application. The company faced specific challenges regarding the different needs of many departments. Alyssa was able to work with each group to help us flush out our true needs and helped us analyze many different applications. The end result was a CRM application with has become the backbone of the entire business. Alyssa's project management style & techniques were highly effective in identifying our core needs, she helped us get to a decision in a timely manner and did it all on time and on budget.

Mathew Tuttelman, Director of Sales,Eastern Region Enlighted Inc.

We engaged Alyssa to help with our US market entry strategy and implementation. She helped us define and build a global brand as well as all the marketing materials. She is now helping us do lead generation and outreach programs. Alyssa is a marketing expert and also knows how to work between different cultures and languages. Lastly, she is professional and a pleasure to work with.

Pablo Elizondo Castillo, President & Owner SmartSoft

Alyssa embodies that rare combination of strategic vision, pragmatic implementation, and a hands-on "get it done" persona. She is not afraid to volunteer an opinion — and it's usually hers that wins — because she's right. I have worked with her on multiple projects and would not hesitate to employ her again. I consider her not only a professional resource, but a friend as well.

Jeff Aliber, Security Marketing Executive Akamai

Alyssa is one of the most accomplished marketing professionals I have ever worked with. This woman means business and has transformed many companies' marketing from obscurity to revenue-generating with her leadership and knowledge. On top of her core marketing skills, she is a fantastic keynote speaker and the author of multiple books. Clients who are lucky enough to hire her and tap into her energy and strategic expertise will immediately realize that it's one of the best investments they could have ever made for the success of their business.

Lori Siragusa, Technology Marketing Strategist Inline Marketing Partners

Alyssa helped us improve considerably our marketing approach of the US market. Her insights have been very relevant and useful for us. The job has been performed on time and executed in a very professional way.

Lionel Roux, President & CEO Cloud Solutions

I met Alyssa at a seminar she gave on "Need to Know Marketing". She spoke about filtering through the many marketing tools available to identify the select few that will deliver the most value. It only took a brief discussion following that seminar to confirm that I wanted Alyssa's help. Alyssa's insight and knowledge of what works has helped me bring a clearer focus to our marketing approach. She truly cares about our success and is a pleasure to work with.

Bill Domings, President & CEO McDonald Consulting Group, Inc

Alyssa is the consummate marketing professional. She seems to have a 6th sense about what her clients are really seeking, even if they aren't able to present her with a structured game plan. She can see past the "noise" and get quickly to the issue at hand. She has held our hand through the entire process of updating our website in a comfortable, relaxed, professional manner. I'm fortunate to have her on Language Directions' team of trusted professionals.

Sharlene Vichness, President Language Directions LLC

Mint Green helped AIPMM really power up and streamline our message, positioning and overall marketing plan.

Therese Padilla, President Association of International Product Marketing & Management