Professional summary

Dr. Andrea Shaw is a seasoned coach and psychotherapist with three decades of experience.
Through her highly customized 1-on-1 sessions she helps executives and professionals:

• Align their complicated business lives to their long-term goals.
• Achieve the professional success they desire without compromising quality of life.
• Decrease stress and reach breakthrough performance goals in their careers.
• Gain greater emotional self-management, create greater confidence and reach for more leadership responsibility.
• Remove obstacles and make way for lasting behavior change
• Capitalize on available opportunities or leave impossible situations, always to establish more balance, and satisfaction.

In her private coaching

Engagement overview

Duration and cost of an engagement depends on the scope of work, identified during the initial consultation.


A partial client list includes:

• Bell South
• Duke University
• Barclays
• U.S. Navy
• University of California, Berkeley
• The Hershey Company
• Hart Energy
• PepsiCo


Andrea and I spoke on the phone long before I began working with her. Although only a few minutes, the conversation made a lasting impression. Seven months after my second child was born, when the demands of children, career, new business and home seemed to momentarily plateau, I realized I had a precious window of opportunity to invent the next chapter of my life and that Andrea was just the person to help. Our work together clarified my core values and provided the support I needed to make leaps both personally and professionally. Andrea's discipline and candor encouraged me to be systematic in my work and her skilled listening and insight created a baseline of comfort and trust you might expect from knowing someone for years. Perhaps most importantly, her guidance helped reveal my own strengths and created a base for an ambition and focus I did not know I had. Andrea is especially skilled at cultivating a calm outlook and teaching how that calmness can be a place of untold discovery and opportunity. In some ways she folds time – enabling you to accomplish more, with more depth, health and balance, even with more sleep at night – all while not adding a single minute to the day. In the end, my work with Andrea has been some of the most transformative in my adult life.

Andrea is a gifted coach and I would recommend her to anyone who is ready to take life to the next level and discover new capacity for ambition, generosity, productivity and happiness.

Robyn Williams Heeks, Architect Tise-Kiester Architects

It is with great pleasure that I reflect on my year of coaching with Andrea Shaw. Each week she and I would meet by phone to discuss the topics/issues/priorities of my choosing. Andrea has a special ability to listen in a way that allows you to connect with your true self. She is a steady, insightful and supportive coach. I liked the way she helped me to uncover new perspectives on situations.

During the coaching process, there are bound to be times when you hit an obstacle. When I hit a slump, Andrea helped me re-focus and get back on the path, my path. Her suggestions would allow me to start again with a fresh perspective. Andrea has the ability to build trust. Although my initial intention was to identify new job search methods, I gained so much more from our coaching work. I developed a fully updated strategy for my job search -- one that is customized and just right for me. Plus, I developed confidence in my ability to network -- a by-product that I will use for job searching and beyond. Most importantly, I learned how to "follow the energy" meaning to listen for what resonates with me and do that. The coaching partnership and rapport, is a special one. Andrea paid attention and took the time to understand me. I feel lucky to have found her. I am better (and more 'me') as a result of our work together.

Pam Leonard, Human Resources Manager

Andrea helped me to realize that in order to reach my goals it was time to leave my then position. That freed me to pursue other opportunities that would help me to fulfill my wants, needs, and desires. At the executive level, making that kind of shift can be a daunting task. I applaud Andrea for her ability to assist me in putting all of the issues in sharp relief while helping me to find the courage to seek my true passion. She has many talents and so much skill. She provided tools that made my transition from corporate executive to entrepreneur, not only possible, but deeply satisfying and life sustaining. I would highly recommend her to anyone that wants to make life changes.

Jock Putney, Founder & CEO Somna Corporation

Andrea brings people to their deepest sense of self. From that position of confidence, executives learn to expand their leadership skills, moving others to manage with empathy and trust. She inspires, stretches and persuades leaders in all levels of management to go beyond business as usual.

Andrea is a coach's coach! She walks her talk with integrity and lightness. I have found her to be true to her highest principles and capable of listening with such attention and acute engagement that my own thinking and wonder is improved, enhanced and taken to the next level...every time! I never fail to leave a conversation with Andrea without knowing that she brings me home to myself!

Sande Churchill, PhD, MCC, Executive and Personal Coach

Andrea is expert at helping me identify career challenges and designing solutions to help me resolve them. Understanding the psychology of my workplace and how I fit within it is her special skill. With creativity and integrity, she sees both the intentional and unintentional patterns of behavior that keep me from achieving my professional goals, and helps me create new patterns to overcome those barriers.

Patricia Roesler, Deputy Director North Carolina Association of County Commissioners

Andrea was, in my opinion, born to coach. Her intuitive, practical and encouraging approach is enormously valuable to me. She gives no-nonsense help. She has a wide breadth of knowledge, and a tremendous capacity to understand and quickly synthesize. She is one of those uniquely talented individuals who provides skillful, focused attention on all aspects of management, which, in my opinion, includes the internal condition of the leaders.

I receive focused and straightforward feedback from Andrea. She always coaxes me to reflect on my values and to stretch beyond where I would have gone myself. She helped me discover better ways of organizing my professional life, which has greatly reduced my stress level. Andrea is fantastic at quickly and skillfully helping me clarify my thoughts, and improving my communication with, and leadership of, the president and Board of Directors.

She is the most effective and skilled consultant with whom I have worked. Without doubt, she is one of the leading executive coaches. I recommend her without hesitation to anyone who wants to develop his or her full potential as a leader.

Billie Straub, CEO The Training Network

Andrea's coaching enabled me to recognize what I wanted for myself and then develop a plan to get there. She helped me articulate my vision of having a clean and organized living and working space . . . for myself. Her questions led me to dive deep to really grasp what was important about that. I'd been doing things for others, the "outside", and now my motivation was coming from within. Initially, I was overwhelmed. I didn't know where to start or how best to spend my time. Andrea's powerful questions helped me to learn about myself, my drivers and my barriers. Her suggestion to start with one small step changed the way I do things and get them done. I began by simply keeping one counter-top clean . . . all the time, no exceptions. That was the catalyst which launched the feelings of being responsible, of caring for my home and myself and flowed into other areas of my environment. My values of responsibility, good stewardship and respect were finally active. Andrea's thoughtful inquiry took me forward to a more responsible and self honoring way of being. Her intuition, skill at reading energy, genuine interest and listening skills, created the foundation for a trusting coach-client relationship. She truly is a master coach.

Chandra White, Integrative Health Coach