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My focus on organizational psychology and educational psychology provide a unique approach to startup development. As a consultant and trainer I am able to take best practices, such as, lean startup, customer acquisition, rapid prototyping, growth hacking, and agile methodology, and increase their potential through the psychological prism of my approach.

I have placed all my skills into a new type of school for entrepreneurs.

With over 20 years of experience managing teams, supervising projects, building training programs, and specializing in organizational development, team development, hiring, and recreating corporate culture, I can help you meet your business goals.

Having managed designers, MBA’s, copy writers, programmers, and served as a consultant to

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I've had a concept for a networking app and decided to pursue it a couple years ago. I had zero background in app development and made every mistake conceivable...wasting money & time. This experience brought into sharp focus for me the tremendous value of Startup Ecology. Through this program I'm accessing a structured model to create a successful business as well as technical help and invaluable emotional support from Atma and the rest of the group. It's no longer a lonely battle to build my idea and I appreciate that greatly.

Don Jones, Business Development Specialist

Startup Ecology is important to me because it is the missing link to all of the business education that I received in the past. The skill and knowledge of Atma is extremely impressive. I have reached levels in my business this short amount of time that I have been unable to reach in years.

Monica Barrette, Entrepreneur

The program has helped me grow through knowing how to be concise in my messaging. For example, stating what I created and the promise about what my service can do is something I didn't think about prior to this program. My videos sound a lot better and I get better feedback.

Verona Forde, Dancer/Entrepreneur

Startup ecology is giving me incentive and knowledge to be able to build a much more efficient business structure than I had in mind before joining the classes. All the tools I have been learning are now a very important piece in towards building a more successful business and not make the mistakes start ups usually make when they are starting their business.

Carla Annapuris, Media Personality

I have tried to schedule my business goals around Atma's curriculum, and even put out my MVP after his class on prototyping. I have completely changed my communications, and am properly adapting to market feedback.

Jonathan Conors, Entrepreneur

The program is place I receive support from people on the same entrepreneurship journey as me. Atma's lectures are practical, result driven and incredibly relevant to my business growth. In the program I learn from Atma as well as from my classmates. Everyone is helpful and we feel invested in each others' success.

Hannaj Njoku Schools of USA

Startup Ecology should have a tagline: 'Empowering Tomorrow's Business Leaders Today'. The recommended approach can save entrepreneurs tremendous amounts of time and money, but it requires a change in mindset. And the qualities that make people entrepreneurs can make them resistant to embracing the new paradigm. I have learned a lot from the classes; so much that at times I feel overwhelmed. And I am inspired by the raw creativity my class members have in areas I know nothing about!

John Carlson, Attorney at law/Entrepreneur