Professional summary

Brandon Smith is a leading expert in workplace productivity... and dysfunction.

He is the founder of The Workplace Therapist – a resource dedicated to eliminating dysfunction at work, improving workplace health and restoring focus and productivity in the workplace. Brandon also currently serves as faculty at Emory University’s Goizueta Business School where he teaches and researches on topics related to healthy workplace dynamics, leadership and communication.

Brandon has consulted with organizations across a broad spectrum ranging from for-profit corporations to non-profit institutions. Many of Brandon’s clients include numerous Fortune 100 “Best Companies To Work For.” In addition, Brandon Smith has spent nearly 15 years working

Engagement overview

Duration and cost of an engagement depends on the scope of work, identified during the initial consultation.


What a fun and tricky challenge. One culture is set to establish "A" players and then the definition of "A" player changes. Summarizing several comments from my colleagues above, what I have seen to be the most effective is the following 2 steps:

1. Set a clear set of competencies at each level and tie those to the selection and evaluation of individuals at each level (individual contributor,... Read more

Given that the CEO and HR of the parent company did offer financial forecasts as part of the sales process, I think it is reasonable to go back to them and initiate a conversation. My assumption is that, given the way you phrased "forecasts," that there was no sensitivity or range in their forecasts that would account for the dramatically lower "real" performance. If that is the case, approach t... Read more


A tricky question. A good "professorial" answer would be "it depends."

It depends on...

1. If you are a publically traded company. If so, you don't have much flexibility here. You will likely need to have legal / PR / Communications teams proof anything you post. Thus, it loses its authenticity. It can still be done, but you'll likely then be down to a handful of posts a week.

2. If... Read more