Professional summary

Consultant in lean accounting, lean management, and company-wide lean transformation since 1992. My company BMA Inc. focuses on lean accounting and lean business systems because our experience is that lean transformation is not sustainable if the old management methods, tools, and ideas are not also transformed by lean thinking.

Our recent work has extended these approaches into healthcare, financial services, government, and other industries. We have offices in Cherry Hill, NJ and in St. Albans, England. We frequently work with executives in companies that have tried unsuccessfully to implement lean and now recognize the need for corporate lean transformation.

I am passionate about helping organizations large and small to become truly

Engagement overview

In a typical engagement we work with cross functional teams to implement lean accounting, lean management, and lean executive teams. While we provide training during these visits, our primary purpose is engage the team and they physically implement new methods of business into the company during the event.


• Boeing Commercial Aircraft
• Novartis Pharma
• Parker Hannifin
• Rolls Royce
• Thermo Fisher
• Lockheed Martin
• Nestlé and hosts of small and medium sized companies in every part of the world.