Professional summary

My expertise is in helping companies align their engagement, recognition and incentive initiatives with their corporate goals and strategy. I have over 40 years of experience in this field.

> Former Educator
> 25 years as a Recognition Consultant with Jostens Recognition Division
> Received Certified Recognition Consultant designation in 1994
> Continuous Education has elevated my ability to help clients
> Helped Fortune 500 and small to medium size companies

Engagement overview

Interviews with the client and others involved in employee initiatives are conducted and used as a starting point to create rapport and identify a consensus regarding areas of need and strengths. A Gap Analysis is part of the process to determine areas needing attention. A benchmark engagement survey is performed for an additional fee to create a measuring point. The focus is on alignment and behaviors especially those needed to achieve the objectives.


Fortune 500 Utility Company
Many Small to Medium Size Companies such as:
Stewart Enterprises
Cort Business Services

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