Professional summary

I am President and Founder of Cathy Graham Coaching. For over 20 years, I have coached and trained executives, leaders, entrepreneurs and students.

My career has spanned being a restaurant entrepreneur, corporate trainer and coach, Human Resource executive, college professor and executive coach.

Industries include: manufacturing, finance and insurance, service industries and government agencies.

My coaching specialties include:
* Executive Coaching
* Personal Coaching
* Leadership Coaching
* Career Strategy

Facilitation including: Team Building, Coaching Skill, Conflict Resolution, Leadership Skills, Sales Enhancement, Diversity, Ethics and Harassment

Engagement overview

12 sessions on a weekly or biweekly basis (3 to 6 months).  Achieve three challenging inspiring goals by building new neuropathways in a positive, supportive environment.


It's a bad idea. What is best for the group is best for the company. If you bring him back, the group trust will be diminished. If his knowledge is critical, have him consult on an as needed basis. .. Read more


Cathy had some good ideas as to breaking down problems to smaller tasks using tools and methods that made it more appealing to tackle. I really appreciate Cathy's feedback and goal setting assistance. It's not something I do so specifically for myself and it really gives me a sense of forward motion and progress.

Lainey H.

Cathy allowed me to understand my leadership style and how it affects others. I learned how to entice others to become engaged and provide their input and perspective.

Tom M. Zebulon

Cathy is a great listener. She is also an encourager! She encouraged me to try and achieve my weekly/monthly goals but, if there were times that I didn't, she encouraged me not to stress over it.

Christi L. Clemons

Cathy. Thank you for listening so astutely. You have a gift and your insight is remarkable. Working with you is helping me grow professionally.

Wendy W. Reno

When I left my position at FAA, Cathy Graham was very helpful in getting me on track for the next phase of my life. She provided great guidance and advice when I started by gardening business and my farm.

Mark Crispi

Cathy was an excellent DiSC facilitator: even keeled, task-oriented, kept group involved, presented with a warm personality.

Mary Ann Dudley

Cathy recently served on a Success Panel session as part of a "Women in Business" seminar series hosted by the Small Business Center. Cathy, along with other female entrepreneurs shared their expertise and insight into being an entrepreneur in Wayne County, North Carolina. Her passion and transparency into the joys and challenges of being a small business owner really motivated the other current and future entrepreneurs in the room. I would certainly invite her to come share with us again!

Renita D. Allen Dawson

The super power that Cathy brought the most to her coaching with me was Dancing With the Moment. When I brought tumultuous thoughts to our coaching time, she held the maelstrom with finesse, and the weather pattern went from thunderstorms to blue skies.

I don't think I've had more energy to push forward with my career transition, and I give Cathy all the credit for helping tease it out!

Stephen Starkey

Cathy was on the Success Panel workshop that I attended at Wayne Community College. She is an excellent presenter.

Tracy Williams

Cathy recently facilitated a training class for a group of County employees on how to become a REAL Success. Cathy relayed course information in a creative, relevant and concise manner and I was very engaged the entire time. The information presented was extremely helpful and gave me a lot to think about. Cathy also made the class fun and light by using good examples, as well as short videos that helped to relay her point. I really enjoyed this class and came away with a lot of really good information.

Tiffany Creech