Professional summary

MISSION STATEMENT: increasing sustainability, eco-industry, prosperity, life.

If you are looking for a small consulting firm focused on the intersection of sustainability and business development you have come to the right profile (grin). We bring manufacturers, communities and government together for project demonstrations focused on developing win-win solutions that yield: healthier outcomes, increased wealth, greater harmony, improved functionality AND more fun!

Over 20 years of experience advising business owners and executives about how to improve performance have confirmed one thing: there is no silver bullet (mopey face). What we can do is strive to make our actions match our aspirations. This is not easy but it is not fanciful

Engagement overview

Global Ectropy clients are not looking for canned solutions to sustainability challenges.  Instead, they want an outside advisor who is able to identify opportunities arising from the challenge as well as transfer knowledge in a way that empowers staff.  

The goal of the engagement is not for Global Ectropy to "take over and fix everything" but rather to use Global Ectropy as a fresh set of eyes and a resource that helps get teams unstuck.  Clients are willing to move slowly when needed in order to incrementally correct root cause issues and create sustainable transformation.

There is no "right way" to start addressing sustainability challenges.  The transformation journey is a long one so we recommend clients start with issues where they can get a win.  This way a ladder of success is built and goal achievement becomes a daily practice.


Sample Engagements:

• Assist staff with paper work reduction and lean six sigma transformation (Manufacturing)
• Identify ways to reduce mercury contamination for overseas start up (Mining)
• Develop a collaborative vision for connecting scientists, community groups and business on industrial sustainability (Non-Profit)