Professional summary

After twenty 20 years of ops experience with franchisers and thousands of store visits and business reviews, I offer depth and insight about what it takes to be a successful business owner. I share this insight during my workshops, public speaking engagements, and individual client work. I have developed a wide network of resources in Washington helpful to my clients researching business ownership and conducting job searches. Understanding the local trade areas is critical to helping clients find the best opportunities.

As a Franchise Specialist I show individuals how to choose a proven franchise in Washington that fits their strengths, goals and budget so they can be their own boss and realize their dream of successful small business ownership.

Engagement overview

With my in-depth consultation can also help you determine which franchise is the best match with your goals, skill set and lifestyle.


• Zoup! Fresh Soup Company
• PuroClean Restoration Services
• Expense Reduction Analysts
• Our Town America
• Focal Point
• Zetec
• Expedia
• Boyd


Here is an insight for those who are considering being a franchise owner: YOU DON'T GET TO WRITE THE RULE BOOK.

If franchises didn't have rules, they'd be small businesses. Are you generally comfortable with following procedures and rules, and yet, have a strong desire to be in business for yourself?

If the answer to the above question is YES, you are an ideal candidate to be a franchisee. H... Read more


Charlie Magee was instrumental in helping me find the right franchise opportunity to help me reach my goals. I can't imagine having found Party Princess Productions without a franchise advisor like Charlie. His expertise, patience, and encouragement helped my wife and I make a confident decision we feel great about. In fact, we have already expanded!

John Warren, Party Princess Productions Franchisee

Charlie provided tremendous help to me and my wife to find the right business. From the beginning, he understood exactly our needs, and was very helpful coaching us through the entire process. What we enjoyed most - his willingness to help. We never felt pressured. Charlie wanted us to be very comfortable with our final decision.

Alejandro Crisafi, Product Review Engineer Boeing

Owning my own business has always been in the back of my mind, but for the first time I took concrete steps to materialize this "dream". Charlie provided very clear coaching, with a very structured process to identify concepts that were a good fit for me. He always wanted to make sure I did not "rush" into a decision, suggesting different angles, pro's and con's for my due diligence, providing valuable insights along the way. I always felt his genuine interest in finding the right concept for me.

Julio Ibarra, Franchise Owner

Charlie is an extremely clear and diligent sales professional that was able to guide me through multiple opportunities best suited to my current and future needs. He was able to listen carefully, pick up on key attributes and expectations that even I did not understand until working with Charlie. He was able to deliver several opportunities within a very short period of time, and provide specific insight into each of the opportunities. He guided me through both the generic and detailed understanding to allow me to finally make the best decision for myself and my future with no pressure, but an abundance of support along the way.

Michael Lee, Business Development Executive Boyd

Charlie is the most knowledgable, kind, smart, professional, personable, honest, efficient and thorough person I have ever had the chance to work with. He is unbelievably well informed and his guidance and support is world class. He has a really professional and gentle way of guiding you every step of the way. Not only is he a strong business man but a great man as a friend.

NeliaBezuidenhout, Manager, Creative and Content Strategies Expedia

I had the pleasure of working with Charlie in working through the decision to invest in a franchise concept. Charlie and the process he took us through was superb.

Wayne Wilkinson President at Zetec

I used Charlie to find my passion (and my franchise)!

Karol Dixon de la O, Business Coach Focal Point

I worked with Charlie... best thing I ever did since I wasn't too savvy about franchising. Charlie was there every step of the way... He is VERY thorough and helpful in his process. Not only did he help me with my business decision, but I also now consider him a friend.

John Snyder, Franchise Owner Our Town America