Professional summary

37 years as management consultants, business advisors, with a team of 52 licensed consultants worldwide. We are “Generalist” consultants. We build organizations and develop people, products and execution. A strong federation of consulting experts; we question everything and create executable and action-oriented plans to develop people, products and services.

Our methodology is based on business psychology, utilizing strategic planning modules, team training, and creating strategy analysis for business development. Building upon the foundation of analyzing & advising businesses, our reputation for “no buzzwords, in your face honesty” is how we build our business and help our clients.

We pride ourselves on being unprofessional.

Engagement overview

Our consulting work can be by the project, to a longer term contract.    We work with some clients by an hourly rate, but most hire us for 3 month to 18 month onsite contracts.

Our engagements depend entirely upon the clients needs.


• Apple
• GE
• Telstar
• Bain and Co
• Domino's Pizza
• Subway
• Burger King and numerous manufacturers and distributors all over the world.


I would create change immediately. Group meetings can be very productive if they are process driven, but otherwise wasteful.

Our consulting firm requires an agenda, and the group to stand during the meeting, not sit down. It's amazing how short the meetings become.

If we see such a meeting without an agenda, we stop it. If people arrive late, they are not allowed to come into the meetin... Read more


Chip is an exceptional consultant with a strong grasp of the market and solid work ethic. His insights are invaluable and business strategies are A++

Mark Kauffman, President/CEO Media Imaging Company, Inc.

I worked directly with Chip at Stainless Incorporated where I had the chance to see him energize the entire organization. Chip inspired everyone to look inward for ways to improve the organization and in the process we improved ourselves. I would recommend Chip to any organization looking at better defining their mission and vision as well as instating the necessary changes to take the organization to the next level without all the ambiguities usually associated with change. Chip is the ultimate Change Agent.

Nestor Ibrahim, CEO/President Marshall and Franke, USA

I had the opportunity to work closely with Chip on developing and implementing industry changing business processes within the world of QSR- Supply Chain. Creative and extremely customer focused, Chip can work to identify the real end results desired and make the hard decisions required to get there.

Stephen Marks

Chip Evans had worked for us at Stainless Incorporated from 1994-1996. He was responsible for the company's overall sales. Chip is most qualified in just about anything he sets his mind to accomplish…Not only does he follow through but he follows up and makes sure all aspects of the business deal are put into motion. He is reliable, dependable and amazing at making deals work for everyone involved. He is a TEAM Player and always promotes teamwork. You can't find a more ethical and trustworthy individual when working with Chip. I highly recommend his talents and business knowledge…He would be an asset on any team.

Tom Kassab, Owner Stainless Incorporated

I had the pleasure of working with Chip Evans when he was consulting for Domino's Pizza during their first major restructuring. Chip worked the restructuring letting a large number of people go, led new business development, transparent re-shipment of product, and helped organize the entire equipment and supply division. Chip is a creative and focused business leader that took over a major restructuring and did his usual superb job. I would recommend Chip Evans in any top level business executive role.

Jack Wilson, Former CEO Franke USA

Chip provided detailed knowledge of the industry and future trends which allowed us to strategically think about how to succeed in the coming 5 years.

Randy Brunschwig, President/CEO Excell Marketing and Procurement, one of the top buying groups in the U.S.

The Evans Group is one of the hottest strategic management think tanks around the country. I have worked with Chip Evan's and some of his team members directly or as customers. Chip's team has a straight forward approach to working with your business that will keep your team focused on the big picture and on budget. The Evans Group has the experience to point you in the right direction, the tenacity to get you through the tough times, and the creativity to make you unique. My personal experience with his individual team members has been in their ability to reduce a company's core product line costs, to improve your EBITDA, while marketing every day products in a new fashion that increases market share in tough competitive environment. Chip is an incredibly dynamic, intelligent leader and coach. If you want out of the box thinking, the Evans Group is for you. I am happy to recommend the talented team of the Evans Group.

Mike Beaverson, Manager of Brand Mgt. & Product Development Win-Holt Equipment Group

I strongly recommend Chip Evans because his company TEG is a multi-talented & multi-faceted team and their focus driven experience in a diverse variety of industries, in more countries than I can remember they have served a large number of both publicly owned and privately held companies. The company employs a proven process of business analysis, development, execution & ongoing management advisory services. Thank you for your quality of expertise. Jeff McHolland CEO/Owner at McHolland Tree Service Tulsa, Oklahoma Area Environmental Services

Jeff McHolland

I have worked with Chip and the Evans Group LLC for a few months and can't say enough good things about Chip and his company. These are the top level business consultants you need to go to when you are looking for solutions that are clearly outside the box. Chip Evans provides valuable insights for companies and CEO's and it shows that he cares about those he does business with. Chip has been an absolute pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend him as a business partner, client, or business provider.

Steve Sherman

Who in the foodservice industry hasn't heard of Chip Evans? Unless you are a rookie, no one. Look at the list of companies he has assisted over the years. Chip has a passion for the industry and puts his all into every project. He is a true professional.

Robert Kitchens

Chip Evans was positive and extremely responsive to any dialogue I had with him. Chip is well articulated and I enjoyed talking with Chip, he has an open mind and a cultured man. Chip's insights got me thinking in ways to add value in growing my vision.

David Evans, Managing Architect TrueBlue OS Group