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My specialty is people -- human dynamics, organizational culture -- creating intentional environments where people thrive, focus on solutions (not problems), and leave the drama for the TV or movie screen.

My colleagues and I love to collaborate with other consulting firms, both by bringing them in to do what they do best and by us joining them on projects to bring our experience into the mix.

Bottom line: We've found, after 15 years in business, that behind every

Engagement overview

In more systemic scenarios, an initial series of interviews with key leaders and management, as well as essential diagnostics and follow-up focus groups are utilized to determine the desired outcomes, needs, and short and long-term challenges, as well as the opportunities facing an organization.

On a more basic level, we start with a free consultation / assessment and then recommend next steps.


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Key clients

Great suggestions by everyone.

Some additional aspects to consider are:

1) In the Western part of the world, we've been acculturated to be strong individual contributors (and men tend me be even more strongly acculturated in this direction than women according to research). So in a very real way, collaboration runs counter to the cultural model of individualism and competition that many people h... Read more


Christopher Harding is a strong leader who motivates and manages his staff to work in a collaborative, effective and innovative manner. Christopher has a smart business head, listens to those around him and wisely processes information to make wise decisions that lead to success on many levels. Christopher has proven creative and business instincts which have led to award-winning and financially sound results. I've grown as a person and as an executive while working under Chris and attribute much of my present day success what I'd experienced during my time working with Chris.

Ilyssa Goodman, VP, Development, Production & Acquisitions Bonneville International

Chris is unique in his talents because he never stops creating, imagining, and thinking of how to make something great even better. He not only shows the drive and desire to stay on top of current trends and ideas, but he is a step ahead of everyone else because he's already thought of it! Chris is a pleasure to work with, very professional, yet casual and friendly enough that when working with him for the first time, you feel as if you've been working with him for years. He knows how to push any objective straight to success and doesn't hold back on what it would take to get there.

Kat Difrancesco, Director of Internet Marketing Innovations International

I have had the pleasure of working with Chris both as a strategic partner (currently) and as a client when I was Director of Work Environment at Merck. In all cases, Chris has proven to be attuned and sympathetic to client needs in providing thought-provoking suggestions for improving work environment relations. A ten minute conversation with Chris and you will understand what I mean. More importantly, your business results can benefit. I look forward to our continued work.

Darrell Butler, CEO Butler Consulting

I have worked with Chris for over ten years on consulting projects with Fortune 500 companies, as well as multimedia and film projects where we have found new ways to deliver content over the internet and have had nothing but wonderful experiences. He is creative, precise, conscientious, and very attuned to client needs. I look forward to working with him long into the future.

Danny Guillory, President Innovations International

I've known Christopher Harding since his days as President of BWE Music. I hired Chris earlier this year as a life coach and the results have been amazing. Chris' insights, creativity, and entertainment experience are unparalleled. If you're looking for someone to help your organization or yourself get on track or back on track, choose Christopher Harding and Luminary Communications.

Ken Bonfield, Award-Winning Recording Artist

Chris is one of the most creative people I've worked with. His vast experience helps him provide solutions to every problem or situation I face. Fortune 100 companies call on him for advice yet he finds time to work with small companies like mine.

Philip Davis, President and CEO Zdocs

Chris Harding brings a wealth of organizational development and team-building offerings, but more importantly, he brings a mindful presence that creates safety and openness in groups and supports genuine reflection and learning. Chris moves easily with top executives across a variety of industries. He is also a natural collaborator, able to synthesize and innovate in the moment, whether during design work or during live workshops. Chris is a real pleasure to work with!

Cindy Marteney, Founder & Principal The Marteney Group

Christopher has enabled our company to develop highly impactful leadership training on diversity and inclusion on a global scale. His deep knowledge of diversity, along with his international business experience, combine to make him highly credible with our leaders/executives, both in US, and in global settings in Europe and Asia. His work has helped us to build momentum, create diversity champions around the world, and enhance inclusion.

Darlene Mackinnon, Director of Diversity and Inclusion Dow Chemical Company