Professional summary

Conrad Taylor advises C-levels, senior executives, and high potential professionals. The former CEO understands the loneliness of grappling with sensitive issues of strategy and implementation. He lends an unbiased lens through which to inspect and resolve them. Hands-on experience overcoming pressing obstacles of profitability, growth, and change informs his advice. Leadership and management skills, honed in a variety of industries during that period, enhance his breadth of expertise. Conrad enjoys being a confidential sounding board.

Conrad looks to successes and failures for value-creating insights that can be adapted to new situations. His questioning helps to uncover old thinking patterns, which sometimes stifle effectiveness. Conrad

Engagement overview

Engagements are typically on a retainer basis plus expenses. Otherwise, engagements are $400/hour plus expenses.  


Confidential - Startup to Mid-sized (2 to 1,000 employees). Industries include:

• Government Services
• eCommerce (Digital Content Exchange)
• Plastics Packaging (Product Development, Manufacturing, Marketing and Sales)
• Industrial Products (Marketing and Distribution)
• Medical Products (Research, Development, Manufacturing, Marketing and Sales)
• Healthcare Services (Development, Marketing and Sales)


Here are my tips for effective delegation:
• Make critical priorities clear – to avoid unnecessary stress, which tends to inhibit performance and may contribute to outright failure.
• Provide sufficient resources to execute priorities – to minimize de-motivating situations and burnout, which are likely to make it more difficult for capable people to give their best.
• Provide unfilter... Read more

Fundamental to ensuring that your employees embrace the new system is leadership's commitment to preempt uncertainty. The purpose is to minimize change-induced chaos, stress, and rumors, which tend to foster ineffectiveness. Enhance your chances of success by developing and sharing a Communications Plan that helps employees:

1.) understand the case for the planned new system i.e. strategic con... Read more