Professional summary

Located in Southern California, Dr. Cynthia Heller Alt, PhD has over 25 years consulting experience. With her roots in organizational development and change management, Dr Alt has consulted with executives and entrepreneurs on strategic planning, organizational development, and business alignment initiatives in order to achieve the business’ strategic intent.

Dr Alt’s practice is focused on assessing, designing, and implementing organizational cultures that

Engagement overview

All engagements incorporate
• Assessment - Measure where you are and where you want to go
• Leverage - Take advantage of strengths to maximize results
• Transform - Achieve desired outcomes


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Key clients

The quest for leadership ROI has been around since the early 2000's. Knowing the pain points that led to engaging a coach should be part of the objectives (addressing them in measurable ways) and identifying the resulting organizational outcomes key... Read more

I agree with Michelle's assessment. There are pros and cons. You could use different coaches but require them to network together (Michelle's coaching circle) to understand any overlapping issues. I have worked under this requirement several times and it was beneficial for all involved - coachees and coaches... Read more

The responsibility of building a leadership pipeline lies with top management. The process I use helps to eliminate the distortions you mention since several key steps are taken:

1. Senior managers own the process.
2. The process is opened to all employees to put their "hat in the ring." This helps to counter the biases above as well as give employees the knowledge that the company is interested ... Read more

Within your question, I see two areas to address.

First, each of us has our own process we undertake when facing any type of change. William Bridges talks about this in his change model and book, “Managing Transitions.” During any change effort, individuals go through three phases: Ending, Neutral, and Beginning. Wi... Read more