Professional summary

Mr. Miller is the CFO & CMO of SeedBoom. He has helped scores of entrepreneurs’ to start-up, organize, systemize, grow and exit their businesses. He has become well known as a speaker and an expert on using technology and people to make companies more efficient and competitive. With his diverse background as an entrepreneur, investor and advisor, Mr. Miller is able to leverage his unique insights to help other entrepreneurs reach their goals.

Our mission is to help entrepreneurial companies move individual ideas into highly focused and successful businesses. We believe that to succeed in a dynamic marketplace, companies must achieve a rapid speed of execution by tapping the services, support and knowledge of individuals and organizations

Engagement overview

SeedBoom provides business strategy, finance and marketing solutions to high-growth entrepreneurial businesses. Our finance group, SB Finance provides working capital and and equipment finance/leasing solutions to clients across a broad range of industries and business types.  

What makes us unique is that we are operating people, not project consultants. In other words, we're both the architect and the general contractor for our clients' management and infrastructure needs. How does this benefit our clients? We develop the blueprints to map out their future vision, and we work with them to build it into a reality.

Simply stated, our goal is to enable you to increase the value of your business.

We always start with a facilitated strategic planning session in order to know where to focus energy and next steps.