Professional summary

As a catalyst leader, my passion is the advancement of organizational health and purpose, servant leadership, and human spirit aligned to continuous progress toward new levels of organizational health. My uniqueness is derived by the ability to fashion organizational clarity around purpose, mission, vision and values. This generates tremendous energy that is intensified through the creation of a community of purpose. In turn, I construct strategic organizational alignment as a comprehensive change process for management and staff teams that guides leadership’s ability to execute as one and deliver sustainable successful outcomes. Specifically, I am adept to identifying the culture needed to enable effective execution by promoting team and

Engagement overview

Duration and cost of an engagement depends on the scope of work, identified during the initial consultation.


• The Christ Hospital Health Network
• Gates Corporation
• Ingersoll Rand
• Thomson Consumer Electronics
• Eaton Corporation
• Navistar


• Afraid to let go of the “system” yet blame and expect improvement from people while it is the system that cause the failure
• Lack common purpose or clarity of purpose
• Fail to recognize the vital role of culture upon performance
• Insulate themselves from criticism and complaints
• Do not see what they need to do or they chose to ignore what they saw
• People fear bringi... Read more

Research has clearly identified ten leadership roles for a healthy organization by which executive management must be measured (Casey, 2013):
• Establish “Purpose”
• Establish the story for change
• Have a clear vision of excellence and executable strategy
• Effectively communicate the excellence vision so that it is operationalized and internalized at all levels
• Cohesive ... Read more

“Success comes from delivering value to your customers. The ability to deliver value comes from having sound concepts of what the customers wants and values. This is based in the ultimate source of value, the people of the organization; their mind is the most advanced, active, adaptive technology ever created. A leader has the moral responsibility to align, focus, equip, empower and engage ea... Read more

Part 1 of 2:

The principle is to ensure that metrics whether tangible or non-tangible drive the process behaviors.

Aspect one is the organization MUST develop a structured and self-disciplined strategy deployment and execution process such as X Matrix or Strategy Mapping & Balanced Scorecard. These provide the structure to lead an executive team and staff through the development of strategy aro... Read more


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