Professional summary

I develop collaborative cultures in organizations that want to make a mark in their industry.

The key to driving every desired result in organizations is collaboration. Unfortunately, because of deeply entrenched personal, organizational and societal conditioning, silos and hierarchies--and their resultant problems—persist.

Many organizations deliberately or inadvertently establish silos that spawn turf wars and personnel infighting, sluggish response times, and create practices and behaviors at odds with goals. This leads to low morale, defensiveness, toxic control, and micromanagement. As a result, they fall short achieving the results they desire.

After 23 years of experience in leadership, operations management, process improvement,

Engagement overview

Coaching engagements use a monthly retainer to cover 2-3 sessions per month, either in-person on remotely.

Collaboration and Leadership workshops are done in-person at the client location and are engaged on a per session basis.

*Plus applicable taxes and expenses.


Technology and Consulting
• Educause
• Slalom Consulting
• Accenture
• Connecticut Quality Council

• Loomis Chaffee School
• Hotchkiss School
• Groton School
• Millbrook School
• Avon Old Farms School
• Kent School
• Trinity Pawling School

Financial Services
• Hartford Financial Services
• Schuster Driscoll

Energy and Manufacturing
• Goodrich
• Triumph Engine Controls
• Walter Energy
• New England Fuel Institute
• Alabama Power
• Iroquois Gas Pipeline


This is a common challenge in professional settings. One of the key reasons that keeps people from asking for help is because there is a perception of weakness when asking for help. This is due to some societal issues (rugged individualists) as well as cultural issues within your company.

The best way to get different behaviors from your employees is to reward the ones who collaborate and ask ... Read more


If you want to begin to better understand yourself and grow in a leadership role, this is the seminar for you. Though provoking, stimulating, and very applicable on a daily basis.

Dean of Faculty

Dave did an excellent job. ... I'm finding it easier to recognize others' styles and adapt to them

Ed B.

You did a great job ... with a crowd that was prepared not to enjoy themselves. Everyone with whom I have spoken considers [the workshop] to be time well spent

Ken L.

Dave was great, the best trainer I have ever had for these types of classes

Chris R.

All my staff that attended had excellent feedback specific to the material, how they will incorporate it in day to day and all were unanimous in what a great job Dave did as instructor

Carin S.

Overall thumbs up with the training

Andy L.

I found the class enjoyable and was a bit surprised to learn that there is a significant difference between my self-perception and others' perception of me in the work environment. I found that, upon some introspection, the explanations of Social Style make sense to me and, therefore, can guide behavioral change. Also, I like the concept of behavioral 'versatility' as it was introduced and explained by Dave. Overall, the seminar was beneficial

Mike M.

Having taken similar classes and my personal interest to improve communications in & out of work, I like the additional tools it provides to assist one with increased communications and success. I'd highly recommend everyone takes it (should be a standard high school/college course) as well as a refresher every few years!

Steve F.

I have been through similar type training including Myers Briggs as well as others and what I really liked was the versatility section. I think it took the training to a practical level that other training misses and emphasized an important element of effective communication

Jen H.

Personally, it was one of the best training sessions I have had in the workplace. I have learned a lot, about myself and others. This will help in any position I will assume. In addition to be really helpful and informative, Dave made the training so fun. I would recommend the training to everyone!

Nancy R.