Professional summary

Hello, my name is Derek Notman, I am a Certified Financial Planner® and the founder of Intrepid Wealth Partners. My soul purpose is to help entrepreneurs, from startup through exit, realize their hopes, dreams, and goals through the leverage of financial planning. I am an avid world traveler, certified as a Dive Master in SCUBA, have been skydiving, and love meeting new people.

As a Certified Financial Planner® Professional, I specialize working with Entrepreneurs, Founders, Business Owners, Startup Companies, and their Families to realize their hopes, dreams & goals through the leverage of our financial planning process.

Engagement overview

Our lives are dynamic and full of experiences, we believe financial planning should also be an experience.  This is why we make our entire process fun & engaging, committing to build a financial plan that helps improve your quality of life.

Planning for the future results we desire, the financial planning process becomes an interactive experience, one where the design of your life and financial plan take shape and become real.  This makes planning fun, measurable, and organized.

We call this a "Results by Design Financial Plan."

We learn about and help you crystallize your hopes, dreams & goals
We analyze and test your current financial situation
We test multiple ways you can manage your money to find the lowest cost, lowest risk ways of reaching your goals
We agree on customized solutions to help you realize your hopes, dreams & goals
We implement the financial plan when you are comfortable and ready to do so