Professional summary

We develop innovative captives and related risk financing strategies for clients that qualify. With over 30 years in the insurance captive and risk-financing field, we're one of the few bona fide captive experts in the US.

My latest book, "Guide to Captives and Alternative Risk Financing," published in 2013 by Summit Media, is used as a text and desk reference.

Here's who we work with:

RISK & INSURANCE MANAGERS - You know how important your risk financing strategy is to your company's success (and your job security). Every year risk and insurance managers are expected to lower the costs of insurance and risk-related services. A captive extricates you from this annual ritual.

A captive can also convert your cost center into a profit

Engagement overview

Captives and alternative risk financing feasibility studies; captive formation, timing - 4 to 6 weeks from the time full client information is received.  


• Kimco Realty Corporation (a very large REIT - Real Estate Investment Trust)
• Blue Ribbon Bags, LLC (Lost baggage insurance; multinational)
• Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC), the largest global information technologies (IT) firm
• Norwegian Cruise Lines
• LifePoint Hospital System
• Maritime Services Group