Professional summary

Founded in 1986, St. Aubin, Haggerty & Associates, Inc. has earned a solid reputation for superior work in Strategic Human Resource Management Consulting for companies facing multi-faceted challenges in today's complex business world. We deliver innovative and customized solutions to meet our clients needs in four categories:

- Organizational Design & Development
- Organizational Learning
- Assessments & Diagnostics
- Client- Based Projects

Our programs, services and projects are proven and recognized by top companies in a wide range of industries from macro level strategic human capital planning, to micro level leadership development and executive team building.

Engagement overview

Expenses for materials and travel are not included.  Fees will vary based upon the specific work required but average $3,000 a day.  Prorated for work lasting less than a full day.


• Baxter

• Hospira

• US Oncology

• Veolia Water
DSC Logistics



Age by itself should not be a factor in deciding to promote or hire someone. The issue is more maturity level and ability to work with colleagues and subordinates that are older. As you suggested, you were able to work with a younger boss, it just took time to work it out.

If you do hire the individual you should make sure that you include very good on-boarding coaching for the individual and tea... Read more

I find it is helpful to define the different elements that you are trying to determine. For example performance is the rating provided for the last performance period. Potential is how many levels do you feel this individual can assume (define the levels). Then readiness, how ready are they to move to the next level. Someone who is a high performer and has high potential but was just promoted i... Read more

Dealing with multiple reorganizations is always difficult. In fact studies show that 70% of change initiatives tend to fail. The reason is that the case for change is often not communicated early along with a clear vision of the expected future. It is also very important to secure buy-in from the key stakeholders. There are ways that a change plan can work when a proven methodology is used. I... Read more