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Passionate and expert about: executive coaching, leadership development, strategic planning, talent management, talent analytics, business development, action learning, management consulting, customized mobile apps, technology trends, tele medicine, physician burnout, succession management, career transition, individual and organizational assessments.

Experience as a consultant, executive coach, manager, speaker, researcher, director of a non-profit, educator and

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For instance, the average investment for small business leaders in executive coaching is $6,000 for 6 months.

All services, since 1997, are fully guaranteed.  Terms vary by engagement.  There is a scheduling tool at our website for your confidential, complimentary discussion.  


Our clients include leaders in small businesses and F100 companies, emerging leaders and executive teams. High-potential


Having Doug as a coach has helped me to make a decision rather than think about it too long. Coaching has helped me shorten those time delays on the little decisions as well as the bigger ones that are strategic, such as targeting new business opportunities and clients.

Robert True, Owner Multiple Businesses

I highly recommend Doug. He's a talented executive coach who has helped me to better navigate some of the rougher waters of my entrepreneurial business life. The work we've done together has been a real growth accelerator and has given me some powerful new perspectives.

Dan Goodman, President Odexia USA

Doug has helped me to have better balance, more self confidence, and a more positive view of life. My business production level has increased over 45% during the last 6 months that we have worked together. Doug has been compassionate, empathetic, a great listener, and great at holding me accountable to the plan we developed. He encouraged me to develop the "Missy Plan" in order to serve my clients. My career has developed to Level IV as a direct result of our work together.

Missy Carlson, Advisor Edward Jones Financial

Doug has been an outstanding source of advice, a great sounding board, and an individual whom I trust to help me make the right decisions personally and professionally.

Todd Johnson, CEO Salar, Inc.

Doug's calm guidance and firm hand enabled me to keep on track during a particularly transitional time. He has all the attributes I would look for in a coach. He has done his own work, he takes care of his physical, mental, emotional, and relational health, and he is not intimidated or in awe of his coaching clients. He can stand toe-to-toe with the best, and as a result I have recommended him to others.

Robert Caldwell, Principal Family Firm Resources

Doug has served as a consultant, trainer, and facilitator for the University of Maryland College Park from 1999- 2005. Together, we co-founded the Leadership Development Institute, and trained 20+ managers and leaders 2-3x each year. All of his programs and interventions have been a fabulous success, and his contributions have been tremendous. It is without hesitation that I recommend him for work on any similar projects.

Marvin Pyles, Assistant Director University Human Resources College Park

From 2001-2005, Doug and his associates delivered 3-5 programs each year on emotional intelligence, called "Managing Interpersonal Relationships, Emotional Intelligence 101," at our National Office in Washington, D.C. These trainings have included everything we have asked for including case studies, activities, his assessment, and an interactive, highly professional presentation. I highly recommend him.

Wade Williams , Office of Organizational Learning and Performance AARP

I am at least 60% more productive as a result of my coaching over the past 16 months. I am able to handle more responsibilities, juggle time and people better, and I'm much clearer in my head when I make those decisions.

Tony Azola , VP Azola Building Services

What a great job you did when you spoke last night for our group. There was a nice blend of information, interaction, and discussion. Personally, it has helped me take time to re-evaluate my journey, and my business.

Gina Columna , President ICF-Carolinas

I have grown my business over 100% as a direct result of the work I am doing with my coach, Doug Gray. He helped me see the value of what I do for my clients, gain a more positive outlook despite the ups and downs of my business, and, most importantly, Doug held me accountable. I would definitely recommend his coaching to others!

Jim Denora Northwestern Mutual Financial Network