Professional summary

International senior manager converted into a Consultant, Facilitator and Author.

I have build an international career with extensive business experience working with multinational and Fortune 500 accounts accross several industries and sectors such as Manufacturing, Logistics, Electronics, Automotive, Financial Services, Retail, Utilities, and Government.

I'm currently a Senior Faculty at the Center for Creative Leadership, based in San Diego. I'm a co-founder and partner at Pinea3 Living Organizations, a strategic consultancy firm focussed on organizational development. I was the Director of Executive Education at EADA business school (Spain). I also worked for Hewlett-Packard for 13 years occupying several executive international positions

Engagement overview

Engagements are custom based. They could be a 1 day workshop or last several months, depending on the organization's needs.


• Ficosa International
• Unilever
• Credicorp
• Minsur
• Regeneron
• Banc de Sabadell
• Arcasa and Abertis are some of the companies which I'm working with or that I work with in my recent past.


Hello, I think you got some good suggestions above, however, similarly to some of the previous responses, I think you are focusing in addressing the symptom, not the real cause of the problem. Trying to have people ask others for help is like taking a pill to calm your headache. It will not solve your underlying issue of lack of collaboration, innovation, speed, etc.

My recommendation would be ... Read more