Professional summary

Eric Katz is President at Pharma & Healthcare Dimensions, applying public- and private-sector experience in health law and policy to address the quickly-changing landscape of health reform, Medicare coverage and FDA policy. He brings to the table a decade at Medicare headquarters (CMS) and another decade in FDA policy reform.

Eric understands the impact of health reform laws (ACA, Obamacare) and ways a new Administration might "repeal and replace" government's current

Engagement overview

For investors: a one-hour, product-focused discussion of a single healthcare product or technology: will FDA approve, will Medicare pay, will potential changes in laws and regulations change the game?

For industry experts: research and reports on how government regulations could "change everything" across a whole class of products and healthcare services. Often includes public presentations.

At Pharma and Healthcare Dimensions, we also monitor healthcare reforms on an ongoing basis for clients:  Congressional updates, industry reforms and investor-oriented documents. We have no equal in mastering the magic moment when the uncertainty of product approvals (FDA) transition into concerns over government coverage, reimbursement and compliance.


Bulk of practice comes from the investor community, tracking federal regulations and politics that might relate

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