Professional summary

Frank Mancieri, Chief Growth Adviser and Managing Member of GT Growth & Transition Strategies, LLC, is focused on helping owners of privately-held companies use their businesses to achieve their personal goals. Frank assists business owners in growing and building their wealth through business profitability, improvements in cash flow, and increases in business value. He also focuses on helping to plan for and guide business owners through the complex world of exit planning,

Engagement overview

All engagements are based on individual needs and vary in scope and size.  Free initial consultations are available.


Current and past client industries include:
• Biotech
• Clinical Trials
• Communication
• Construction
• Contractors
• Distribution
• Green
• Healthcare
• Manufacturing
• Marketing
• Medical

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The most important element to growing a business efficiently is to have a plan. First, understand why you want to grow your business, by how much (measured how) and the risk you are willing to take to grow it. Next, develop a plan, considering the effort and resources needed and timing. If it then makes sense, begin implementation, measuring milestones along the way... Read more