Professional summary


I provide "Assistance at a Distance." I work mainly via telephone, email, Skype, Zoom and GoToMeeting. I help my clients clarify the ends they seek and how to achieve them.


Helping people tackle and successfully resolve the issues confronting them.

Studying and writing about those matters.

Adding to our stock of knowledge about work, worker and working.

Devising tools for use by knowledge workers.

Engineering solutions to business and workplace problems.


A long, verifiable history of successful projects of various kinds in the organizations where I've been employed as a consultant, manager and executive.

Specialties: Performance and productivity improvement;

Engagement overview

Clients typically contact me because they are seeking assistance and they have been referred to me or found me via a web search.  We begin with an initial telephone conversation and, depending on how that goes, the client buys a chunk of my time and we get to work.  I ask lots of questions, raise lots of possibilities, dig for details, suggest actions and, in general, act like a sounding board and an adviser.  My goal is to help my clients achieve their objectives.


• AT&T
• Blue Cross & Blue Shield
• Citibank Services
• Educational Testing Service
• Monarch Financial Services
• Ortho Pharmaceuticals
• Xerox