Professional summary

I am a business and organizational consultant with over four decades of experience in strategic human resources management, program design and evaluation, and resource development. My practice has four areas of specialization:

• Human resources. As a certified Senior Professional in Human Resources, I offer guidance to organizations on issues such as policy development, business ethics, diversity, employee selection, and retention strategies. I authored an online diversity course for a financial services firm, and implemented a management development program for a mid-market manufacturer.

• Research and evaluation. I conduct needs assessments, identify resources and perform program evaluations. I managed a major state-funded research

Engagement overview

I am flexible and will meet your needs to the extent possible. Prior to accepting any engagement, I will have several conversations (at my cost) with you to assure there is agreement as to the reasons for the project and the expected outcomes. Normally, I set a fixed fee and workplan after we have reached agreement as to the scope of work and the length of the engagement.


• City of St. Louis
• Deutsche Bank
• State of Iowa
• St. Clair County and Macon County (Illinois)
• Daimler-Chrysler Financial Services
• The Supportive Housing Providers Association