Professional summary

Start up advisor, architect and mentor. With extensive professional, personal experience and technical know-how.

Thirty plus years of experience working with early-stage entrepreneurs; building partnerships, helping raise capital, and commercializing ideas and concepts. With access to vast and proven professional network of resources to test, validate and advance entrepreneurs innovations and ideas at each step of development, helping new ventures move forward.

Intimate hands-on, real-life knowledge in leveraging unique set of assets to accelerate the path to market commercialization by; Identifying and overcoming technical, administrative and financial hurdles; Optimizing product designs and services to answer customer needs; Measuring

Engagement overview

Very flexible to the needs of my clients. One template does not fit all problems. I provide clinical solutions for unique problems.


The problem you are facing is a great one! It simply means you basically know what you are doing, clients like the value of your work and keep coming back to you but also refer you to their friends and colleagues.

Before you jump to the next hoop and decide to hire I would suggest that you re-open your business model (many call it their business plan but I love "models") and review your busine... Read more