Professional summary

Henry Mittelman, provides coaching and mentoring services utilizing the unique and proprietary Growth Coach Process. This strategic and accountability process has been used, proven, and continually refined for over the past 20 years. Henry helps clients unlock and implement more effective strategies to grow the value of their business or career, and improve the quality of their lives.

Working closely together, Henry helps his clients change their long standing habits and behaviors. Clients learn to face reality, stay on track, gain clarity about who they are, what they want, and are held accountable for achieving their goals.

​Skilled at "Revenue Generation", Henry helps clients: Develop strategy for generating more profitable revenue over the long term, bu

Engagement overview

Duration and cost of an engagement depends on the scope of work, identified during the initial consultation.


Great question, not a lot of information to make a through assessment.
I'm not big on giving advice without thoroughly understanding the problem.
You know, garbage in, garbage out!

- How many years back did you add this arm?
- What revenue were you expecting?
- What revenue did you actually realize?
- What percentage of your overall business is this practice?
- Have you had conversation with oth... Read more


The best thing about working with Henry, and the proprietary business tools he uses, is that I feel in control of and more productive in both my professional AND my personal life. The method he uses, unlike many others, focuses on both aspects which is so critical given how intertwined " work life" and "personal life" is in our culture.

After being in the workforce for almost 20 years, and attending many different training and professional development courses, this is the one where see results! YOU WILL achieve the goals you set out for yourself. Henry asks the tough questions, challenges assumptions I had for years and holds me accountable to the goals I set for myself. He is insightful, honest and knows when to push.

The tools, the coaching, and the accountability process keep me focused on what's important and where I can be the most productive and successful. I now spend more time on high value tasks and less on "clutter", things that really don't make a difference. Who couldn't benefit from that? I highly recommend working with Henry –he will guide you on journey that will be worth it!

National Speciaty Lending Group

I appreciate the value of best in class outside expertise. Therefore, Henry is one of my most important business advisors. He has a unique ability to see things about my business that I did not see. He has helped me understand the impact of my limiting beliefs in order to be more effective in a wide variety of challenging situations.

His insightful recommendations have allowed me to grow my business and increase my effectiveness in all areas of my business. The return on my investment was almost immediate. I would highly recommend Henry's coaching and accountability program to any CEO or business owner that is looking to become more effective, grow their business, and achieve greater levels of success.

Management Consulting Firm

I have known Henry for more than 15 years. He is a successful businessman and he excels at building relationships, marketing, team building, and sales. When we discussed his coaching program, and the value proposition, I was immediately interested. From the our first meeting, I knew this program was different. It focuses on both personal and professional growth and provides a dedicated opportunity (outside of your office or home) to examine your goals, strengths, weaknesses, and habits.

His proprietary program provides a framework and roadmap to help you achieve your goals and change your limiting or unproductive habits. The monthly one on one meetings with Henry are invaluable. He holds you accountable to take action consistent with achieving your goals, and provides commonsense tools and techniques.

Henry's consistent guidance has been invaluable to me, and has been directly responsible for me taking action and achieving the goals I set to increase the revenue of my business and improve the effectiveness of my team. I'm very confident in recommending Henry as a business coach as I have seen what it's done for me. His coaching and accountability program had exceeded my expectations!

Prominent New England Bank

Working with Henry has allowed me to break down different aspects of my business and personal life into its simplest forms, and make positive changes one small step at a time. While this may sound easy, it's not. The Growth Coach program keeps me focused on what's most important and helps me improve in areas that provide me with the greatest return….. which is a very difficult task.

Without the proprietary "Strategic Planner", and the monthly meetings with Henry, I would be trying to accomplish too many things at once and I'd be missing many valuable opportunities. As a result of Henry's guidance, my focus is razor sharp, I spend my time on the high value things that drive my business, and my marketing and new customer acquisition is much more consistent and showing overall steady growth.