Professional summary

The ability of sales organizations to consistently deliver revenue against executive expectation, aka; goal attainment, is the ultimate endgame of a sales organizations operating in a complex sales environment and yet only a few sales organizations achieve the endgame.

Howard Highsmith, CMC Emeritus is a consultant to management with extensive frontline sales management experience in devising and executing strategies that 1) grow top line revenue and 2) attain revenue goals.

Highsmith is a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) Emeritus in the Institute of Management Consultants. Less than one percent of all consultants have achieved this level of performance.

Early in his career Howard was a Marketing Representative with IBM. In management

Engagement overview

I typically work with clients to help them solve one of three issues;

     1) Failure to achieve revenue goals.
     2) Need to transform the current strategy to take the
                company to the next  level.
     3) Client wants a coach/mentor relationship with someone with
                frontline experience.


MY NDAs are based on confidential results and are not reported. I am happy to supply persons that know me and my work.


Since 2000 I have focused my efforts on helping sales organizations improve their revenue performance. My expertise is built around what is called Operational Excellence which depends heavily on managing a sales opportunity through a defined set of sales stages and individual steps in each stage to a logical conclusion. I have also been the architect of using a 'mapping' metaphor for managing th... Read more


Insight to sales performance is a difficult enough undertaking, especially in the current business environment. It's very much an art and a science. For many organizations it's just a plain guessing game. The techniques that Howard pioneered has allowed us to make it much more of a predictive science. This is enabling us to be a more accountable organization to our employees, customers and shareholders.

On a personal note, I have known and worked with Howard Highsmith, CMC for over ten years and he is one of the most honest and ethical human beings that I know

Michael T. Marquardt, CEO Global Kompass Strategies, Inc.

I have had the good fortune to collaborate with Howard for two years now. I haven't met many professionals who have as good a grasp on their craft as Howard does. He takes the fine art of sales and boils it down to actionable, measurable events.

If your business involves a complex, business to business sales environment Howard can contribute. He is a pleasure to be with and I feel lucky to be able to bounce my issues and ideas off his deep knowledge base. If you are a C level executive and your organization is missing its sales targets… reach out to Howard!

Dan Haight, Principal Ranger Investment Group

I have known Howard Highsmith, CMC as a fellow Professional, Manager, Consultant, former IBMer, friend and mentor for 20 years since I moved from Ohio to North Carolina in '91. Having been in Technology for over 30 yrs+ with Technology Leaders: IBM, DEC-Digital, AVNET/Pioneer, ALLTEL and BMC Software; I've had the opportunity to interact with many 'different types of Managers and Sales Leaders'. Howard 'soars above and sets himself apart from the herd' because he is thinks like a VP-Sales but, has the skills of a CEO and CFO in that he understands 'what factors drive Revenue and business' !!! In my observation of Howard over the past number of years I have seen him consult with all types of Small-Medium Businesses and other larger Corporate 500 clients and he truly understands the Sales Process, as well as creating and driving Revenue. He has the ability to work with the C Suite of any company size. If you need some 'insightful analysis' with a Plan of Execution, Howard can help any Sales organization from the grass roots level[Sales Reps] to the Senior Management to help develop their Vision and most importantly, get the increased focus to drive Revenue upward. Always am pleased and proud to recommend Howard Highsmith, CMC as a thought leader and Sales Leader to help support your company's goals!!! Please contact me for a recommendation, as required. Ron, Ronald L. Hadley, Territory Services Leader, IBM Global Services-East

Ronald [Ron] L. Hadley, IBM Territory Services Leader-EAST Region IBM