Every business owner or HR department is responsible for building programs and policies that are designed to let employees know they are a valuable member of the team. Employee appreciation programs run the range of celebrating workplace anniversaries, group recognition, and one-on-one engagement.

However, what most business owners want to know, is how important employee appreciation is in terms of company culture and employee retention?

During an interview with Robert Morris, “Employee Appreciation and Toxic Leaders”, we discussed how timely praise can have a significant positive impact, at virtually no cost. Also, how simple it is to actively provide meaningful praise. A few powerful examples include:

• Letting an employee know how pleased you are with a recent project; even with their overall consistency.
• Emailing an employee’s boss, to share how their contribution was meaningful.
• Providing a thoughtful incentive for no real reason. e.g. coffee, lunch, just a handwritten thank you note. Read Full Post