“Let’s schedule a meeting” is a common end to many workplace conversations. It also leads to incredible amount of wasted time. Some tips to be more efficient with your time:

1. Have you thought through the situation? It’s tempting to schedule a meeting to show progress. But unless brainstorming is key at that stage, scheduling a discussion is an inefficient use of everyone's time. First, complete your own strategic thinking and meeting prep work.

2. Do you know what needs to be done? If yes, don’t schedule a meeting. Instead, inform other stakeholders and take action.

3. Does it have to be a real-time conversation? Want thoughtful feedback to proceed on a complex issue? Try to send an email instead of calling for a meeting.

4. Does it have to be a face-to-face meeting? An online chat, a phone call or a video conference are great productivity tools which reduce travel and wait times. Read Full Post