Professional summary

I help companies operationalize culture. Culture is the output of a complex system of written and unwritten rules, innumerable variables and lots of noise. With a systems engineering background, I enjoy analyzing highly complex systems. I apply systems theory to organizational culture, helping fine tune the most complex system of all, the organization. I work with clients to build the desired culture into their everyday operations for lasting effect.

Lots of companies talk about the importance of culture, but the higher up in the organization you go, the harder it is to see what is actually going on in the trenches. How do you know if your culture is good or not? Just like anything else, you have to measure it. That's where I can help. Using

Engagement overview

From a simple consultation to full cultural audit, we can help you improve morale, reduce turnover or even win a "best places to work" award. We will advise the leadership team, help define a culture that fits the organizational history and strategy, work with HR to improve processes, conduct surveys and interviews to evaluate existing culture and help implement a culture management plan.

Attracting key talent in today's market requires that you have a work environment of trust, support and inspiration. Don't leave the most powerful strategic asset to chance. Call us to make the world a better place to work.


Jana and I were teammates on a commercial satellite program in the mid 1990's. She displayed a thorough understanding of the systems requirements and ensured the subsystem teams fully understood the margins and their allocations. She was also an exemplary orchestrator of cross functional activities and created a productive and innovative environment with her leadership style. Jana's career growth is a testament to her skills, abilities and well rounded business perspective on product development, organizational leadership and customer service.

Roman Fry, Complex Systems & Product Development | Continuing Educator Northrop Grumman Corporation

Jana was invaluable to our organization as a management consultant. Her presentations and dialogue were well received and able to be put into practice immediately. Her creativity and humor shows through in all her work, as well as her high integrity.

Tiffany Ficklin, Membership Development Director ABQTiffany

Jana has a unique ability to quickly identify and treat the root cause of business problems. As an engineer, Jana is able to work with technical and engineering companies to address strategy, process, management, training and culture. Jana's technical background and ongoing work as adjunct faculty at Cal Poly Pomona, College of Engineering, enable her to apply analytical skills to a variety of problems and organizational systems. In addition to being an engineering expert, she is also a great person to work with!

Kraig Strom, The Income Engineer Barth Financial Advisors