Professional summary

Jay is a founder and managing partner of Lionshare Partners, encompassing 2 divisions: Centricity creates Networks to leverage the customer acquisition efforts of proprietors and professionals who share the same target market. Many of our members tell us they have increased their number of new customers by 30, 40, and even 50%. Lionshare Marketing Group grows clients that are in the top 10% of what they do twice as fast in half the time. Our core competencies encompass influencer marketing, branding, networking, strategic focus, positioning, marketing, sales, product/service strategies, and customer service. We create scalable infrastructure to support rapid growth.

Jay is the former Chairman of the Mindful Eating Company. He previously

Engagement overview

Each engagement is customized. I insist on a 2 hour consultation at no charge or obligation prior to engaging to ensure the value for both parties. A written proposal is provided prior to the start of work.


• Feel @Home Realty - real estate brokerage company
• LeanOnWe - home care
• Centricity - business networking
• Lane & Lane - legal