Professional summary

I live my life's purpose to enrich the lives I touch by identifying & overcoming impediments to scale. Scale is 3 dimensional; (1)Scale Up / Elasticity, (2)Scale In / Simplicity & (3)Scale Out / Expandability.

With an objective & "entrepreneur in residence" mindset, CEO's hire me to facilitate Annual / Quarterly Strategic Thinking, Performance Assessment & Execution Planning workshops, the outcome of which is then cascaded throughout the entire organization.

As a consequence of my practical experience & knowledge transfer, I'm often asked to provide;
☛ Executive Coaching and or Leadership Development
☛ Organizational Design & Dynamics Change Management
☛ Agile Dev, Lean Manufacting & Rockefeller Habits beyond operations into the

Engagement overview

2h x bi-weekly sessions w/ up to an additional 4hr of email / remote support


• Sunoco
• Medtronic
• Novaartis
• Boeing
• Merk Serono
• Reuters
• HP
• Privalia
• Cyberclick
• Swedbank


My experience is that once you are clear on what success looks like, what you want, and what culture / structure that success requires (from the Strategic Execution Framework), in tandem with interviewing for skills & experience, you need a final vet based on "will".

This is called the Skill Will bullseye from the GH Smart TopGrading process.

Thousands of entrepreneurs worldwide have increa... Read more


I had the pleasure of running some workshops with JC and he is one of the nicest, professional, insightful and enthusiastic people I have ever met. We work in the same industries so have been able to learn from each other well. A great man

Jonathan MacDonald, CEO & Founder Every Single One Of Us

JC's passionate approach combined with his high energy and longstanding experience provided a high impact result clearly answering all the kpis we had fixed for JC before

Reto Keller, COO MCI

Who would think that one man could single handily execute a strategy in a day and create results companies wouldn't dream of creating in a month?!?!

I've witnessed JC facilitate numerous strategy sessions all over the world from Russia, Netherlands, Morocco to Germany in some of the most challenging environments. JC has worked with participants who can barely speak English, clients who change their minds at last minute rearranging an entire schedule and teams which are about to fall apart.

By the end of the day, JC skillfully orchestrates the session to a close achieving alignment, enthusiasm and excitement never seen by the leaders within the organization with actionable tasks and concrete milestones. JC's sessions are fun, engaging and extremely rewarding. I'd highly recommend him to any organization or team!

Maria Sipka, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder Linqia

We found working with JC helped us become far more cohesive and focused than ever before. We learnt valuable lessons about rhythm, openness and the power of collective intelligence, all of which have become part of our DNA

Harry Lyon-Smith, CEO Illustration

We have come a long way within the last 12 months since sitting down & doing our first "Strategy in a Day" with you and you must realize you have given us an enormous legacy, and have guided us all through some big challenges to get to where we are today, and the current journey we are on.

Having just completed our first Strategy Session on our own, I want to thank you personally for the amount of time & effort you put into helping me and challenging me to think outside the box and to ensure everyone fully understood what my requirements are to take the warehouse forward and you gave me lots of additional tips.

You wanted us to 'knock Chele's socks off' and to be honest I think he was totally blown away at the standard of all the presentations and it showed through how much time & effort had gone into the preparation work of all the presentations. But you know it seemed really odd you not being with us on Wednesday, but I'm sure if you had of been, you really would have been proud of us all, so a big pat on the back for you JC

Debra Hutchings, Director Quayside Clothing Ltd

JC came into Privalia with a mission to support our global change management processes as part of our internationalization strategy. After several months of working with the global team, when he finally arrived in my area as Interim CTO the necessary changes for us to become more effective became immediately apparent.

What I most enjoyed about working with JC was his open & direct communication, as well as his interest in developing our individual & collective growth on an almost daily basis. JC drove home the message of Customer Centricity and it impacted the way we viewed our work habits, as well as the practices we put into place to ensure both internal & external customer satisfaction.

What I most remember from JC's limited time with us was his unique ability to empower every single individual, helping us better understand our direct contribution to the company's global results

David Vinuales Pallares, QA & Testing Project Leader Privalia

I started working with JC when he assumed the role of interim CTO. He is a polifacetic professional, he felt immediately part of the IT team. During this time, he changed the focus of our work, and made a permanent coaching of the team.

JC is clearly oriented to customer service, and our relationship with other areas improved considerably. JC also was sponsoring a reorganization of the department, the result was that we improved the working environment and team results. JC is clear, transparent and pragmatic!

Gerard Edo, Software Development Manager Privalia

JC is one of the most passionate and inspiring persons to work with! I had the pleasure to meet and work with him in a couple of different projects. He is incredible, inspiring, free & a fluid thinking individual who undertakes a challenge and totally annihilates any issues that would stop that challenge turning into success.

JC is great to work with! JC has given me the best advice I have ever received from a consultant, professional, Coach or Mentor. From the very first time I met him I realized that he is a first class professional, honest, personable and with a willingness to help.

I would strongly recommend JC to anyone looking for a senior consultant/Coach/Mentor. Thanks JC!

Marco Oriano, Customer Care Manager NTRglobal

The greatest compliment to pay a colleague is to say: "I worked with him, and I came out different". I can honestly say that JC changed how I work and how I engage with people.

He introduced me to the Rockerfeller Habits – a discipline which has profoundly contributed to the success of my business – Pollenizer. More than that, JC brings an emotional intelligence and honesty to his consulting that has inspired how I have worked since.

If you need someone to stand at the epicentre of your business and gently, intelligently shine a light on what's next to confidently take the next step, I suggest… I urge you.. to have a word with JC. He will unlock what you already know.

Phil Morle, Co-Founder Pollenizer

JC's processes are brilliant but pale in comparison to his tenacity, insight and wisdom. I finally have a new business model.. where I'm working less, making more and having much greater impact and dare I say, FUN!. I give him my highest recommendation.. which he earned. And even though the term of our agreement ran out, he stayed above and beyond the call of duty.. to ensure I was positioned well to move ahead. He's a true pro!

Marcia Wieder, Founder and CEO Dream University