Professional summary

Executive with broad operational and business experience who consistently drives results with the combination of a strategic and hands on leadership style. I am very in-depth at identifying problems, developing solutions and process improvements, and implementing those solutions to create positive results. As a business partner for senior management, I am assist in the development and implementation of business strategies, with a focus on revenue growth with improved productivity.

My colleagues would agree that I am excellent at fostering cross-functional collaboration. I treat people with respect, and truly value each person’s point of view. At the same time, I'm skilled at managing conflict and am transparent in my communication, even

Engagement overview

Financial Process improvement: baseline, benchmarking, identification and prioritization of opportunities, recommendation, implementation.  12 - 16 weeks, depending on the complexity and scope.
Ad-hoc analytics:  developement of forecasting models to drive demand planning, marketing mix models for pricing strategy and calculation of return of investment on marketing investments, etc. based on scope
Full data project: business understanding, data understanding, modeling, implementation, deployment of solution - based on scope.


• First-tier automotive suppliers
• Several Large Consumer Goods Companies
• Financial services arm of large automotive OEM
• Office supplies retail
• Large retail (department store)