Professional summary

People+Product+Planning+Positioning+Pricing+Presentation+Promotion = Productivity & Profit

Jeff Sward has tremendous depth and breadth of experience. His multi-faceted background has spanned across a full range of Retail and Wholesale assignments. He has worked for premier retailers such as Macy's, Sak's, Abercrombie & Fitch, and American Eagle Outfitters. His brand background includes Polo Ralph Lauren, Tommy Bahama, Ben Sherman, DKNY, and Orvis. Product specialties include Men's and Kids apparel, but the lessons and thought processes apply to a much broader universe of product.

Jeff can walk with you through the beginning stages of conceptualizing assortments, to detailed assortment planning, to design and sourcing, and finally

Engagement overview

Building your VIGOST.

V = Vision...simply, a desired outcome...a descriptive picture of a future state.
I  = Issues...SWOT.   What internal change is needed to understand and deal with external  
       change?   What is controllable?   What is not controllable?
G = Goals...benchmarks defined by the Vision.
O = Objectives...refined and detailed from the Goals.
S = Strategies...the road map, principles, policies.   An understanding of the If/Then paths to
       be taken.
T = Tactics...specific steps of action...methodology...behaviors.   Tactics will have an owner, a
       budget and a calendar.

Risk Mitigation...evaluating the risk level in every segment of your inventory.  Shelf life, flow & seasonality (timing of entry AND exit).  Core Items=seasonless...Seasonal Key Items=6 months...Fashion=3 months.   What is the optimal mix...???...for Northern latitudes vs Southern latitudes...???