Professional summary

I offer a combination of skills unique in my profession - a rigorous business education and a deep, practical understanding of business strategy, coupled with years of experience as a master teacher of leadership techniques that work in life and in the business world.

I am an Avatar® Master teaching the Avatar Course to individuals who want to survive and flourish in today’s changing environment. The Avatar Course is a practical approach to changing your life.


Engagement overview

The nine-day Avatar® course is made up of three sections that take you on a transformational journey to discover your true self and learn to shape your reality.
Section I: ReSurfacing - a personal journey where you learn how your beliefs affect your experiences. You participate in simple and powerful exercises to quiet your mind, discover your own beliefs, increase your ability to control your attention, have true compassion, and create inspiring goals.  
Section II is a modern approach to achieving control over the mind.  This is more than turning the mind on or off.  You learn to perceive without judgement or labels. Stress is replaced by a relaxed state of being. You learn to focus on your goals with less resistance.
Section III teaches you skills to remove the obstacles that have been getting in your way so that you can achieve your goals. In the Avatar Rundowns, you use the “discreation” technique to address personal limitations, body issues, conflicts with self and others


Major corporations:
• Merck
• Con Agra Foods
• Hanes
• Glaxo
• J&J
• Campbells
• Millward

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  • Orlando, FL, Vermont, Connecticut
  • Skype: jill.m.davies
  • 1-866-511-1898 x2191
  • Anytime. By appointment.
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