Professional summary

I work with expe­ri­enced “busi­ness to busi­ness” sales pro­fes­sion­als who already know how to sell and are already func­tion­ing in their assigned ter­ri­tory, the man­agers who lead them and the exec­u­tives who direct them. The major­ity of my clients are involved in either high risk client buy­ing deci­sions, large dol­lar pro­pos­als, com­plex sell­ing processes or aggres­sive com­pet­i­tive pres­sured buy­ing envi­ron­ments.

Engagement overview

Consulting or training.


• Southeastern Paper Group
• Warn Industries
• Reel Power International
• CVSN and Total Truck Parts

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Dear Jim, Thank you for delivering your workshop at this year's AMTDA Annual Meeting in La Jolla, CA. We've received a great deal of positive feedback from our members who were in attendance, as well as several requests for copies of your information. We appreciate your willingness to share your outline with our meeting registrants. Our distributors rely on us to provide relevant tools that they can take home and employ immediately and we certainly did that by bringing you in to speak. You have a very personal style of speaking that played very well with our audience. You are enjoyable to listen to and I know our members took a lot from it.

Peter A. Borden, President AMTDA

Jim really made me step back and totally rethink my approach to Sales Management.

Dan Vordale, VP Sales and Marketing Ocean View Flowers

Jim Pancero's seminar was straight forward, easy to understand and implement. Tremendous value!

John Fountain, National Sales Manager Syndicate Sales, Inc.

I have said for years that sales training for those in the battery business is really simple; "Red goes on positive, Black goes on negative. That's it, see you next week!" In reality it might be a little more complex than that, but we have done in house training for years. When we started looking outside for a sales trainer, we knew we did not want something Interstate Batteries that was written with the first time salesman in mind. After hearing you in a seminar in Las Vegas for AAPEX, I then understood what we were looking for! When you said you only work with experienced salesmen that know how to sell and sales managers that know how to lead them, I knew you had a different focus on your sales training. The custom program you put together for us at Interstate Batteries was exactly what we were looking for and continues to be talked about on conference calls and actual ride along trips with salesmen in the field. I could not recommend you strongly enough to any company with an experienced team that is wanting to focus on the "actual hunt" rather than how to clean the gun!!

Carter Smith, North American Aftermarket Sales Manager Interstate Battery, Inc.

Jim Pancero continues to be one of the highest rated instructors at the University of Industrial Distribution, with standing-room only crowds. His in-depth programs are content-rich, and entertaining! By why listen to me? Let our attendees speak for the value they find in Jim's program: "Definitely feel like I walked away a better salesperson & leader" and from another, "Jim gave us concept and ideas we can practically implement in our company to help improve sales as well as communication between the whole team. His knowledge and experience is impressive. Great course!" Hundreds of comments like these are received every year! Working with a professional like Jim who always hits the ball out of the park is one of life's greatest pleasures!

Patricia Lilly University of Industrial Distribution

Jim Pancero is one of the best presenters I have heard in the area of sales and marketing. He offers good suggestions to sales people and management on what to do after the establishment of the positive customer relationship. Unfortunately, too many sales people focus on the establishment of the relationship with the customer as the ultimate goal and then still lose business or have to cut prices. Jim shows how to capitalize on a good customer relationship by going beyond it to show the customer value for what he receives from you, your products and your company. His take-always are vital tools to help break out of the paradigm of cutting priceCVSN logos to hang onto or get new business.

Marc Karon, President CVSN and Total Truck Parts

It all begins and ends in the marketplace. An old mentor of mine once told me that "Finance, Engineering and Manufacturing are really important, but you don't need them if you don't ever get a sale". Nothing could be more important in most businesses than integrating a professional sales approach with the business strategy. This is what is different about Pancero sales training. It is not about motivation, or sales 101, or the latest fad approach. It is about refining the approach of already seasoned sales professionals, and integrating it with the Business strategy and core strengths. I've engaged Jim in three different Businesses I've led over 25 years. Each one reached record sales the yReelPower-logoear after the training.

Tom Frey, CEO Reel Power International

Through Jim's training our sales force has had a great opportunity to really be able to focus on the customer and in the process determine what it is that we do uniquely so that we can really win in the marketplace. Both our company and our sales force is looking forward to the year that we're going to have, and our future, based on the training we have just completed with Jim Pancero.

John Stransky, President Warn Industries

I will have to second the comments made by Will Green. As a 30 year veteran of the paper and jan-san industry, Jim's training has improved my selling and negotiating skills. I highly recommend Jim Pancero.

Jack Campbell, Sr Account Representative Southeastern Paper Group

Hey, if you're thinking about using sales training, let me take a minute to recommend Jim Pancero and his team. We've used Jim now two times and have finished a round with our 120 person sales force. If you're looking for sales training that's different than anything else you've probably ever done, it's not about tricks, it's not about gimmicks, not about the lastest trick close out there, but a real strategic way to go about planning and thinking about and then executing your sales strategy, then I think you need to call Jim Pancero.

We see a benefit, we're seeing it already in our team, our team is responding to it. I've had our rookies thank me so much for the training, and I've had our veterans walk out feeling like they've really learned something new that they can help grow their market. So, where ever your team is, I would say this is not introductory training, this is higher level advanced sales training. If that's what you're looking for, than Jim's your man.

Will Green, Senior Vice President of Sales Southeastern Paper Group