Professional summary

50 Years experience in numerous industries and managerial/executive positions. 15 years in Operational management, 15 years in Sales, Marketing and General Management, 20 years in Consulting, Writing, Speaking and Board positions, including Not-for-profit.

Specialties: Strategy, Partnerships, Marketing, Innovation, Complexity Management, Leadership, Profit Improvement and General Business.

Extensive experience in keynote speaking to large and small groups, including some custom workshops.
Strong in moderating panel discussion and roundtable sessions.
Accomplish author and columnist. Eleven business books and thousands of articles, columns and web/blog articles.

Engagement overview

Initial Assessment: 1/2 to 2 days
Phase I Definition of need, identification of scope of work, initiation of action: 2-5 days
Engagement--typically on a retainer basis--for periodic involvement, defined by needs of client/project.


• Titleist
• DirtDevil
• CharBroil
• Amrep
• Shurtech (Manco)
• Scotts
• Hills Pet Nutrition
• Borg-Warner
• Emerson
• Suncas
• Alabama Power
• Deere
• Roadmaster
• Procycle
• Fitness Quest
• Evenflo
• Astec
• Cruise West/Alaska Sightseeing
• DP/Vitamaster Fitness
• Identity Systems
• The Wasserstrom Company
• Spraying Systems
• Weatherchem
• UTi
• Supply Chain Edge
• Industry Week

Organizations--speaking &/or workshops:
• NHS of the UK.

• World Kitchen
• Doskocil/Petmate
• Manco
• Union Tools
• Amrep


In addition to a thought-provoking and engaging speech given in a smooth, professional manner, John Mariotti took the time to know his audience and participate in a wide range of discussions. He certainly impressed the attendees at our annual meeting.

Edward M. Emmett, President and Chief Operating Officer The National Industrial Transportation League

John is a speaker who establishes instant rapport and credibility with an audience. His messages to business managers are insightful, relevant, entertaining and passionate.

Sarah Fisher Gardial, Associate Professor of Marketing The University of Tennessee, College of Business Administration

I wanted to tell you how extremely happy I was with your involvement in our ...Symposium. I believed beforehand, and your participation reinforced, that you are one of the best current speakers on current business strategies....Our expectations were extremely high and your overachieved.

Thomas L. Harshman, Director of Transportation Hill's Pet Nutrition

John challenges you to change not only the way you view your business but how you view your world. It is a moving presentation filled with a bit of emotion and a lot of common sense.

Richard P. Bedell, Vice President-Corporate Financial Affairs IMG Sports Management

The strength of a presentation is a lot like the impact of a book or article. If you do not act or change because of it then perhaps it was not of the value you originally believed. When my sales force still find opportunities to note they tried or saw what you reminded them of, it is a true value. When I find myself "gut checking" an observation relative to one your reminders, it was a real value. Therefore, if I find my company owner still referring to your guidelines months later it was a true bargain. I found all the above and more. That constitutes a great value and the manner in which it was accomplished was so painless, so gain without pain is the best of all possible worlds.

George Upton, National Sales Manager Colortec

John Mariotti can speak with such lucidity and inspiration to students and business leaders because he simply speaks from the heart about the beliefs and values that served him so well as president of American corporations like Huffy Bicycles, then the world's largest brand of bicycles.

Behind that rapid delivery is a man who has experimented and tinkered with, and then fine-tuned the strategies and tactics about what he speaks. John has spent hours with experts from every facet of business absorbing all they could offer, and then weaved that knowledge into his business philosophy.

I've consulted with many corporations and executives from all parts of the world, but John stands out as a renaissance leader, employing the latest techniques to make his company or work force better, yet not threatened to try a new suggestion or idea from his team. Time and again, his adaptations and modifications tugged his entire industry up another notch.

Perhaps it was his own experience as a baseball player, but he has the knack to find the best people with strong personal values to surround him in business at each critical position. An hour with John Mariotti may be the most instructive and helpful hour you ever spend.

Vaughn Baker, President The Baker Company

I have retained John over the past few years to give two keynote addresses. The first of these was to the University of Tennessee Supply Chain Forum, and the second was to the Supply Chain Executive Forum at the Georgia Institute of Technology. In both instances, John provided a superb presentation and discussion, and his involvement received very high marks from those in attendance.

Overall, I would say that John is exceptionally knowledgeable and very well-received by groups and audiences. While his presentations always are well-structured and effectively delivered, he is very adaptable in terms of "reading" audiences and modifying his approach to more effectively connect with groups to whom he is speaking. I would consider John to be a very excellent choice for a keynote speaker role for groups of all sizes, as well as a very effective presenter for groups that desire delivery plus discussion.

I have had the opportunity to hear numerous speakers and presenters over the years, and I would definitely put John Mariotti in the upper ten percent of those whom I have heard. His messages are always complete and well-documented, as well as being interesting and enjoyable to hear. He goes over very well with audiences of all types, and I highly recommend him.

C. John Langley Jr., Ph.D., Professor of Supply Chain Management Georgia Institute of Technology

John Mariotti has a unique way framing complex business issues and making them simple and actionable. His ability to get the audience engaged in the dialogue is also quite impressive. Whenever we have John lead the debate on the critical issues facing our business, I always walk away feeling that the discussion was thoughtful yet passionate.

Brian Bastock, VP Strategic Sourcing Henkel Consumer Adhesives

John's presentation was top-notch. I put it in a class with Lou Holtz!

Paul Allmacher, National Sales Manager Champion Motor Coach

John Mariotti, President & CEO of The Enterprise Group has played a significant role as a mentor, and inspiring leader to Henkel Consumer Adhesives. John's professional experience, combined with overall business knowledge has provided the foundation for delivering on several key engagements.

John's ability to stay current with today's business challenges has made him a great resource for our organization. His candor and straightforward approach has allowed us to navigate through difficult operational issues when urgency is required. His creative style of presenting key materials has made him effective in getting his points across at all levels of our organization. His network of professionals allows him to draw on key experts when he feels further knowledge and experience is required. You know where you stand with John and you get more than you paid for when he has been asked to engage.

Gene E. Obrock, Vice President, Operations Henkel Consumer Adhesives