Professional summary

John Ziobro is the Principal Consultant at SpectraMedEx, LLC, a medical device consulting firm specializing in strategic business development. To help grow your company, we focus on three key components of successfully launching your medical devices: 1) Quality Systems & Regulatory Compliance 2) Product Development & Project Management and 3) Global Marketing & Distribution.

SpectraMedEx's strength comes from over 30 years of hands-on medical device expertise in Executive Management, Quality and Regulatory Affairs, Project Management, Engineering, New Product Development, Sales, Marketing and Manufacturing.

Experienced with start-ups and turn-arounds; market leaders and underdogs, we value developing and building long-term trusted business

Engagement overview

Engagements are highly variable. They are customized for the client, not "boiler-plated" for mass consumption.


• Acuforce International, Inc.
• Advanced Powder Products
• Airlet Medical Systems, LLC
• Asenso Health
• Benson Medical Instruments
• BioScience, SRL
• Biomedical Devices of Kansas
• Blackrock MicroSystems
• Blackrock Neuromed
• CaP Biomaterials
• Cerebotix
• CytoCore
• Cytophil
• EcoDoc
• Electro-Cap
• Enhancement Medical
• Essential Pharmaceuticals
• Frank Mayer and Associates
• GrandCare Systems
• High Tech Sports Science
• Honeywell HomMed
• Hospira
• Huot Instruments
• Innovative Products
• International Plastics
• Isomark, LLC
• EpiGuard USA, LLC
• MEDevices, Inc.
• Medical Thermodynamics
• MCW: Technology Development
• Moving Life
• NaviTech Research
• Newcomer Supply
• Navimetrics, SL
• Novian Health, Inc.
• Peak Surgical
• Preferred Instruments
• Trans Med Corporation
• VibeTech