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Jorge helps leaders solve business problems and achieve sustained performance improvement. He does so by partnering with the business and embracing its goals as his own.

In today’s multi-service consultancies, independence and intimacy are increasingly difficult to achieve and the need for an unbiased partner to address critical internal challenges becomes apparent. We maintain an independent and unbiased point of view and strive to become our clients’ trusted

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Initial consultation is free. We will explore opportunities and design the best plan to optimize your business.


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• Caterpillar
• International Paper
• Nokia
• Sony
• Campbell Soup
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  • Fort Wayne, IN. Open to travel.
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One method is to focus on a top level metric. Say, Return on Investment. After that is clear, the idea is to build a metric tree in such a way that all the branches connect back to it. If they don't, they shouldn't be there.

A good illustration of this approach is DuPont analysis. Return on Investment depends on asset turnover and profit margin, asset turnover depends on assets and operating m... Read more