Professional summary

Consulting Executive and Thought leader in solving business problems with innovative approaches that combine Advanced Analytics, Big Data and Business Consulting to enable Science-based decision making.

Senior advisor to largest global Consumer Goods companies and Retailers; frequent speaker at events and conference.

Managing Partner of 4i - leader in growth and foresight analytics and analytics-enabled growth strategy.

Areas of Expertise: Advanced Analytics, Growth Foresight, Future Demand Identification, Big Data enabled enterprise Analytics, Demand Forecasting, Consumer Analytics, Growth Strategy, Revenue Growth Management Analytics, Price Strategy and Optimization, Marketing Effectiveness.

4i Growth Strategic Growth

Engagement overview

Varies by type of issue


• Johnson&Johnson
• Avon
• Colgate Palmolive
• Hormel Foods
• PepsiCo
• Bayer
• Purina/Nestle
• Clorox
• White Wave
• Walmart