Professional summary

Laura Garnett is a talent strategist, speaker and the creator of The Zone of Genius Assessment — a powerful process that clarifies your unique leadership style and how to leverage it for greater impact, results and fulfillment at work.

Prior to launching her own NYC-based consultancy, Laura honed her marketing, branding and mission-refining skills at companies like Capital One, American Express, IAC and Google.

She’s graced the stage as a TEDx speaker, given power-pep-talks to emerging leaders at MTV, and has helped hundreds of executives and entrepreneurs define what they do better than anyone else — and why.

If you’re ready to re-discover the reason you go to work, in the first place — elevating your career into a never-ending

Engagement overview

Duration and cost of an engagement depends on the scope of work, identified during the initial consultation.


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Yes. Laura was able to identify my zone of genius. It was exciting. I had another coaching niche, and had been dancing around this new niche for a short time, but she saw it right away, clearly identified it, and confirmed that that is really what I do best and provide to others. I am re-inspired and energized.

I know this is what will cause me to be extremely successful. I have been floundering with my coaching business, having a few clients then no clients, then 1 client, etc. I feel fully aligned with my new niche/specialty. I am excited to move forward with my new "Moxie" coaching process. I feel that my business is now aligned with who I truly am. It may just be a coincidence, but I have had 4 new initial consultations this month, when I hadn't had an initial consultation for at least 6 months prior to that. I feel my energy has shifted and I'm now on the right path.

It's a fairly short and simple process during which Laura uncovers your talents, ones that may be hidden from your view. If you are feeling stuck, Laura will unstuck you. So, the experience is one where new possibilities open up and your perspective of your career completely shifts, positively.

Jamie Cicerelle, Moxie Coach

For years, people have said to me things like, You're all over the place – You need to stick with one thing or I have no idea what you do. I was taking a similar approach to my work all the time but others could not see it. My work felt all tangled up. It was frustrating! When I heard Laura speak at an event, I knew that she was the one who could help me figure this all out.

Her questions were like magic! The questions affirmed some things I knew but un-covered much more that I didn't know about how my clients perceived the impact of my work. Laura pegged it – I'm a Vision Strategist. I help people bring their vision to life no matter what they are trying to do. Since learning this I have been able to create a signature coaching program, InVision, book speaking engagements and host lots of inspiration parties for women in search of their vision as well as better communicate to potential clients. What Laura does works!

Rochelle Herring, Vision Strategist

I found the Basic Zone of Genius session insightful, clarifying and empowering. It accesses information not readily apparent, info buried under experiences, thinking, and society's input. I knew they were nuggets when Laura pulled them out of my story, but never would have found them in the swirl of ideas in my mind. She had an easy style on our calls that felt much like reconnecting with an old friend. Indeed I was reconnecting with myself, and some old dreams.

Really important to me was the end clarity and followup. How to talk about and apply these new insights in the workplace. To use them to empower myself from good, to great. In the weeks since my sessions I've been more focused, calm, and productive at work. I learned I was chasing too many distractions and I have realized that in order to positively impact my team and career that I needed to hone in on my innate talent and use that to excel at work.

Sunny Grosso, Culture and Brand Executive Culture and Brand Boss

Yes, I feel Laura was able to identify my Zone of Genius. Laura zeroed in on the creative areas that I am both passionate about and good at. She took different parts of my life story and was able to present back to me a consicive and thorough explanation of what I am best at and what creates endless fulfillment for me. In addition how I could use who I am to market myself more effectively. She also pulled together a story of why I do what I do that was totally me but that I had not thought of before.

I know this will help me be more successful because people resonate to a personal story, especially from an artist. I need to be able to articulate how I got to where I am and why I do what I do instead of just saying "I design jewelry." And say it convincingly and w/ passion. I know I can do this now.

This process is a wonderful way to analyze the road a person has taken and to discover whether they are really in their Zone of Genius or need to go in another direction. For me, it was a confirmation that I am doing exactly what I should be doing.

Nina Forrest, Designer

Absolutely Laura identified my Zone of Genius. After working with Laura, I have so much more CLARITY and confidence. And that is HUGE. Now that I've identified my Zone of Genius, I feel more prepared than ever to share that with the world. To really and truly make an impact, using my core talent and passion.

The process was amazing. The feeling I felt after each session is exactly how I want my patients to feel after a consultation or appointment with me. Laura really listened and she is so perceptive. I am just so blown away by her insight.

The result of having my thought leadership developed has given me a new vision for my impact. I can help change the world of audiology in positive way. Change the way people view hearing loss and hearing aids. Change how we as hearing healthcare professionals motivate the patients we serve. To teach others that hearing loss and hearing aids are nothing to be ashamed of.

Janice Tanedo Powis, Audiologist Quincy Hearing Aid

Not only did Laura successfully define my zone of genius she helped me understand it and apply it in my career. Like many business professionals, I felt I had a good grasp of my strengths and weaknesses. However after I began working with Laura, I realized there was a large gap in my understanding of those areas of personal ability which allow me to enjoy work, be successful and ultimately enjoy my career more. With Laura's help I gained a much deeper understanding of these abilities. Having this knowledge I feel will provide me with a foundation to build upon in successfully moving my career forward to a more personally rewarding experiences which aligns with my truest abilities.

The knowledge of my zone of genius has already impacted my career perspective. By knowing the activities, interactions and environments which I can best perform, I have been able to clearly identify the career path for the 2nd ? of my career. Previous to my work with Laura, I had experience in 2 distinct career paths. As a result, I was trying to discover which path I should pursue next. By understanding my zone of genius I am able to connect my key abilities and strengths to the correct path. My work with Laura has allowed me to focus, clarify and identify the correct career path for me to move forward on. It's been invaluable.

The process of working with Laura is amazing. It's personal, focused, detailed, thorough and unique. No matter how many personality tests you have taken, Laura's approach will allow you to clarify and focus on the most important career success factor: "Identifying what you enjoy doing.

Beth St. Paul, Senior Executive

Laura has an innate ability to suss out what you are about. With me, she was able to latch on to my innate talent and my greatest passion quite easily. Her Zone of Genius is indeed the ability to see a person's Zone of Genius.

I knew I was a big picture person, but prior to talking to Laura, I didn't realize this was my strength and that it would help me succeed. Now that I know this, I can use this in my personal pitches as well as be more proactive in using my ability to build the systems in my company.

In addition to my Zone of Genius, Laura also helped me with the branding and mission around the same. These are good starting points and have given me the framework for my business strategy that matches my core strength and purpose.

Jagannath S Rajagopal, CEO & Founder NewCo

I hired Laura because I expected to have more consistency when it came to operating at peak performance. I also hoped to redefine the heights of my peak performance.

Working with Laura has made me realize that my ability to make an impact was much more powerful then I expected it to be. Furthermore, it has instilled in me that I need to surround myself with the right high-level of support and have the right processes in place in order to make sure I can operate at peak performance on a more consistent basis without diluting my abilities on tasks that other members of my organization were capable of handling. This in-turn will enable me to make a more powerful and consistent impact.

The most valuable take-away from this process is that I have the ability to effectuate enormous change (for the good) in people and organizations and that should always be the goal. It's important to not get "sucked in" to the day to day grind of business such that it deters my ability to operate at peak performance". Regardless of how busy things get, I need to consistently find time to be strategic and focus on pushing for aggressive levels of success.

I would describe the experience with Laura as a total recalibration of how you apply your brain (and your gut) to your business. Laura has the ability to identify and magnify your most powerful talents. Ultimately the process of magnifying these talents will reveal that your talent goes beyond your own perception of what it may be. She then has the ability to reframe your approach to business so you are applying this newly discovered talent in a consistent manner. This ultimately leads to more productivity and a heightened sense of enjoyment from your business. Generally speaking, I am someone who has always strived to love their work. In short, my time spent with Laura has redefined what it means to "love" your work. I don't think I ever truly understood what that meant until my time spent with Laura.

It was a life-altering experience. I literally see business and life in general differently then I was a prior to working with Laura. No goals in business seems too ambitious for me.

Paul Conroy, CEO Dyrdek Enterprises

The process has given me a greater degree of confidence in the things I can do well and truly excel at. Previously, I felt guilty about not being able to do everything equally well. I now recognize that I am far better served building on my strengths rather than trying to become adequate at things that I will never excel at.

In addition I have a clearer understanding of my unique worldview and strengths, and how I can best leverage them to have a greater positive impact in my life and to effect the kinds of changes I would like to see in the world.

Some of the key takeaways have been a statement of vision, and some powerful ideas for future books. Laura is extremely insightful and thorough; she is able to see patterns and connect dots that were not evident to me.

This has been a very structured but deeply probing journey of introspection. It was challenging, and even a little painful at times, but the overwhelming sense is one of validation and clarity. Laura has the gift of being able to discern the larger picture hiding in all details of an eventful and seemingly random life.

I would urge leaders to do this sooner rather than later so that they can enhance their level of significance and life satisfaction. It is a powerful process that yields immediate and actionable insights, as well as having a transformative long term impact on the trajectory and quality of one's life.

Raj Sisodia, Co-founder Conscious Capitalism Inc,

I hired Laura because I wanted to better understand how I view the world, what I bring and how I can be more present and authentic. I was interested in experiencing an outsiders perspective.

The value of getting clarity on my core talent and strength has enabled me to say no to anything that distracts or impedes me from being the best of me I can be at any given time.

In addition I now have a string tie to my inner guide so that I can achieve more with greater certainty, clarity, conviction and resonance with my life's purpose. Also the process of getting feedback from friends and colleagues helped me understand how I show up to people, what are my best qualities and behaviors I should continue. I would describe the experiences as: Insightful, profound, life-changing.

If someone is interested in stripping away false impressions, connecting with your inner self and manifesting the best one can be, then work with Laura.

Fred Le Franc, CEO/Founder Results Thru Strategy