Professional summary

Does it feel like you're putting out fires all day? Struggling to keep up with the latest 'right way' to run your business? Technology changes got your head spinning? Does tackling your objectives feel more like playing whack-a-mole? You can put an end to all these real struggles.

Owners and leaders of environmental, manufacturing, and art businesses who have been making great gains on their innovative product/service, start-up enthusiasm, and stellar leadership skills, yet have stagnated. These are visionary leaders, just like you, who can see the future they want to acheive but need some fine tuning and direction to get ahead of the game.

Are you ready to put your hands on the wheel and drive your continued success?


Engagement overview

Combination of surveys, in-person meetings, and video conferences. Flexibility in these effort methods allows for each client to tailor their active engagement and overall cost of the process. After a free pre-consulting call, I will develop a draft agreement for the client that will outline the engagement and estimated contact hours.


Various manufacturing, health departments, environmental associates,