Professional summary

I have been doing organization change, performance improvement consulting since the early 1970's. I am the author of ten books on leadership, lean management, teamwork and managing change. My focus has been on organization wide change in the culture to create high performing teams and organizations. This requires effective leadership by the senior team and I often become their coach.

Engagement overview

It depends on the needs of the client. It always begins with some type of assessment of the current conditions. This may include surveys, but also face-to-face interviews. The engagement may include an organization and process redesign following my "whole-system architecture" model. A process of developing a culture of continuous improvement by every team may then follow.


• Shell Oil
• Amex
• Honeywell
• Corning
• Honda


Setting up a debate, as you suggest, is a terrible idea. You don't need a debate, you need a dialogue.

I agree with Brooks.

Take a positive approach and have a conversation about what they can accomplish together. How can they support one another? How can they be more than the sum of their parts? What great goal can they achieve, as a team?

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